In the New York Times published an article alleging that the billionaire and the candidate in US presidents from Republican party, Donald trump’s 18 years do not pay Federal tax because of the fact that suffered the loss of nearly a billion dollars in the early 1990-ies.

His rival Hillary Clinton were quick to exploit article in the prestigious publication. Her campaign headquarters has released a statement that trump is actually a morally bankrupt businessman.

Previously, the failure of trump to publish his tax returns has become one of the leitmotifs of pre-election struggle for a place in the White house, writes

The New York Times reported that he had received copies of documents that gave rise to the investigation, in an envelope by regular mail. The Washington Post, in turn, is more interested in puzzles and inconsistencies behind the leak of documents.

The trump appeared information has not commented. However, his lawyer said that the publication of such reporting illegal because his client did not give permission, and threatened to “rapid initiation of appropriate legal action.”

With all this, said the lawyer of the candidate, trump has paid hundreds of millions of dollars in property taxes, sales taxes and excise taxes, property taxes, city taxes, States taxes, labour taxes and Federal taxes.”

The statement also said: “Mr. trump knows the tax code better than any other presidential candidate in U.S. history, and only he knows how to overcome its weaknesses”.

Journalists David Barstow, Suzanne Craig, Russ Buettner and Megar Tuhai note: “However, it is unknown what was the taxable income of trump in subsequent years, but the loss of 916 million dollars in 1995 – a loss so large that on this basis it was possible for 18 years to reduce the amount of taxable income by more than 50 million dollars annually.”

According to the paper, trump could certainly exempt from income tax, for example, the fees for the reality show “the Apprentice,” which he led (from 50 thousand to 100 thousand dollars for one issue).

Meanwhile, dozens of contractors have not received payment for work performed for burnt-out trump casino in Atlantic city and the holders of bonds of these casinos have got a refund on the principle of “a few cents on the dollar.

“Who informed The New York Times about taxes trump? The mystery behind the article, after making a splash” – so titled article in The Washington Post.

Journalist Paul Farhi writes: “When a few days ago a reporter for The New York Times Susanne Craig looked in his mailbox in the office, her attention was immediately attracted to the thin envelope of yellow-brown paper. Opening it, she almost cried out in surprise.

“I thought it was a prank,” said Craig last Sunday. – Responded this way: “This can not be for real.”

As the return address on the envelope was typewritten caption: The Trump Organization. The envelope contained three photocopied pages, which were seen at the first sight, was taken from the tax Declaration of Donald trump in 1995, tells the author.

Thus began the story that may have enormous implications for the election campaign of 2016 in the U.S., the newspaper notes. On October 2 The New York Times published an article with conclusions based on the above copies of documents.

“This article is a rare phenomenon, a sensational material emanating from a source whose name I do not even know in the media who spread the news” – the newspaper said, explaining that journalists almost always know who their anonymous sources, even if they do not publish their names.

The Executive Director of The New York Times Dean Tank noted that the main issue was to test these three pages for authenticity and placing them in proper context to understand which tax strategy trump spent in that period.

The documents looked genuine,” explained Tank. “But how do you know?”
The New York Times checked the public information that was contained on these pages (for example, certificate of social insurance trump), and hired several tax advisors to analyze the documents. “Consultants said that the documents comply with the accounting rules, which in 1995 allowed Federal tax code”, – the newspaper writes.

Key role in verifying the authenticity of the accountant played by Jack Mitnick. Barstow found Mitnick in South Florida and over coffee with begelly”, says Craig, has received confirmation that these documents were prepared Mitnick”, the article says.

Mitnick also told Barstow that the numbers “9” and “1” had to be typed in the form by hand, because when you transfer into a computer program all this time has worn off.

Craig is not smart enough, why the source sent the envelope to her. Perhaps her journalistic investigation: summer Craig got to the bottom, the debt of companies trump is more than two times higher than released by trump publicly.

Donald trump could 18 years to pay one of the taxes 03.10.2016

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