At Tikhoretsk Boulevard in Moscow there was a conflict with the participation of hundreds of migrants: according to media reports, they came to the shopping center “Moscow” after the guard broke their compatriot. Most dispersed after the police arrived, however, from 30 to 50 people were arrested.

According to”Interfax”, the cause of the conflict was the beating of a Tajik employee of a private security company. Why he was beaten, not specified. It is known that migrant then hospitalized.

The interlocutor of RIA of “news” said that in the evening the migrants came to beat the guards: “attempt to organize a mass confrontation at the shopping center “Moscow”. The cause of the conflict was that the security guards of the shopping centre broke the loader, a labor migrant. In the evening about 50 people, and also migrant workers came to the Mall, going to put up a fight with the guards of the shopping center”.

All the building came to about 150 people, natives of Tajikistan. The interlocutor of “Interfax” reported that about 30 people were detained. According to RIA – the police took up to 50 people. “The detainees, together with the employee chop, who beat up a citizen of Tajikistan, was taken to the police Department, most likely, they will
protocols on administrative violations”, – the source added.

In a press-service of the MIA confirmed the information about the conflict, but without details: “in the Evening (Wednesday) by the police foiled an attempt of household
the conflict between the employees of the security enterprises and employees
trade organization on Tihoretsky Boulevard 1.”.

Is checked.

In the night of Thursday at the scene on duty police officers. Several cars of traffic police stand at the entrance to the Mall. The situation on the ground is calm.

Dozens of migrants arrested after a conflict at a shopping center in Moscow 21.09.2017

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