Banned terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG) has dozens of militants in Europe for the preparation of terrorist attacks, warned in an interview with the AP coordinator for combating terrorism in the Netherlands dick Schoof. The total number of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, it was estimated at 4-5 thousand fighters.

Shoot however, stressed that the reduction of the number of extremists in the middle East should not be misleading. He said that the commanders and coordinators of the IG asking future terrorists to go there, “to prepare for attacks in Europe.” This Shoot explains the fact that in Iraq and Syria, ISIS fighters have not increased over the past six months, reports “Interfax”. In Europe, in his estimation, are from 60 to 80 preparing to carry out terrorist acts of extremists.

Shoop noted that for the Netherlands there is also
the danger of terrorist acts. According to him, in the Netherlands there are 294 suspects who went abroad to Iraq and Syria to support ISIS. “190 of them are still there. And what happened in France, and in Brussels, and in Germany, it can happen,” he warned.

According to him, the authorities of the Netherlands combine various measures to
fight the militants left the country to participate in the war in
the side of the extremists. On the one hand, law enforcement agencies
coming back to arrest militants. Authorities also seized
passports and freeze their assets.

On the other hand, law enforcement agencies are working with local authorities
and families potentially dangerous members of society, if necessary
to provide psychological and educational support to individuals

Dozens of militants can prepare attacks in Europe, warned the intelligence service of the Netherlands 19.11.2016

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