Attempt a number of non-state pension funds (NPF) to protect the customer base resulted in a surge of complaints from citizens who consider wrongful refusal to transfer pension savings, the newspaper “Kommersant”.

Complaints from customers who wanted to translate the accumulation in NPF, but are unable, funds accumulate from the end of March. Before summing up the transition of the campaign of 2016, several major players have opened the relevant sections on the sites.

Of the 12 million applications on the change of the company managing pension savings, without satisfaction remained 5.5 million, or 45.8 per cent. According to the publication, the most common reason for refusal were duplicate statements. In this case was whether such statements are filed by their current insurers, agents, or citizens themselves, remains unknown.

In the Pension Fund of Russia with the claim that each case is considered individually, detailing reasons for refusal to transfer pension savings. In the foundations say that this work is carried out in connection with the sharp rise in such cases.

The revision of decisions on the transfer of pensions is possible only in a judicial order. The head of the National Association of pension funds Konstantin Ugryumov said that against the backdrop of unprecedented growth in the number of complaints only to the citizens the possibility to defend their rights and choice NPF – appeal to the courts and law enforcement agencies.

The Bank of Russia also indicate an increase in complaints about impossibility of transfer of accumulations in the Fund. As of mid-may 2017 the number of calls in tens times exceeded the total number of appeals on such matters for the whole of 2016.

According to the experts that talked to the publication, the situation should be corrected as soon as possible. However, the bill is about changing the order of transitions of clients NPF is being discussed by the industry about a year and a half, but readings in the state Duma it has not yet reached.

Dramatically increased the number of complaints of unlawful refusal to transfer pension savings 16.05.2017

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