In the city of Balashov of the Saratov region on the night of 19 may a drunk Muscovite burnt wreaths on a memorial with an Eternal flame installed in Central Park in memory of the fallen in the great Patriotic war, according to local police.

According to militiamen, 23-year-old resident of Moscow, came to Balashov with relatives and in the evening of 18 may with my friend was in places of entertainment in the city centre. There the young people they met with two students from the local University.

Then the whole company went to the said Park, where the capitals guest, who was in a state of intoxication, set fire to wreaths on the memorial. Later he was detained by police and members of Regardie. Occurred instituted a criminal case on article 214 (“Vandalism”) the criminal code of the Russian Federation.

The acting head of the region Victor Radaev called the incident “a monstrous vandalism” and called for the severely punish the culprit. “Was set on fire and destroyed wreaths at the monument “Eternal flame,” he was quoted by the local portal “Bolsover”. – This is not an ordinary hooliganism. The offender has passed all norms of morality and ethics! The offender must answer before the law. Throughout its extent”.

The site also publishes PHOTOS of the scene, depicting the charred remains of wreaths.

Such incidents are not uncommon for Russia

In recent years in our country, there were a lot of different incidents of desecration of the memorial with an Eternal flame. In July of last year unknown defeated the memorial “Eternal flame” in the centre of the city Miass in the Chelyabinsk region: split marble slab, burned wreaths, pelted with garbage and plastic bottles gas burner.

May 31, 2016 a wave of indignation in social networks has caused a video showing how to Kemerovo fried sausages on the Eternal flame in the Alley of Heroes. While the footage accompanied by the national anthem of Russia.

Earlier in the Ukrainian capital Kiev on the Eternal flame defiantly fried sausages and scrambled eggs.

In the fall of 2014 drunk woman “out of boredom” burned a wreath at the Eternal flame on the alley of military glory in the village of Pyatigorsk in the Volgograd region.

In April 2014 in the Belgorod and Siberian visitor was sentenced to three years in prison for what he did on the Eternal flame. In the spring of 2013 in Volgograd at 1.5 years of colony-settlement was condemned the citizen of Egypton new year’s eve spravilsia small need in the Eternal flame at Mamaev Kurgan.

In 2011 in Petrozavodsk Marines “for fun” beer extinguished the Eternal flame at the monument to the defenders of the Motherland, celebrating the Day of airborne. A similar case occurred in 2010 in Ukhta – there’s a drunk local port extinguished the Eternal flame at the memorial to the fallen in world war II.

It happened that on the Eternal flame burned people – such wild cases were reported in 2008 in the Stavropol region in 2009, in the Vladimir region.

Drunk Muscovite in the company of students burned wreaths at the Eternal flame in the Saratov region 19.05.2017

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