110th anniversary of birth of philologist, one of the symbols of the Russian intelligentsia, the first honorary citizen of St. Petersburg of Dmitry Likhachev was saddened by unpleasant incident.

Publishing house “Vita Nova”, along with the Likhachev Foundation and supported by the Federal Agency for press released the book “Dmitry Likhachev. Life and age” in a series of “Biographies”. Its author is the famous historian Vladislav Zubok.

The book was printed in Finland, where the publisher has been doing it for over 16 years. But upon the arrival of the circulation by the Russian customs problems.

As the Director of the publisher Alexei Zakharenkov, November 26 edition of the book came to the terminal “Pargolovo”. According to Russian legislation, all printed matter, except pornography and advertising are subject to reduced VAT of 10%. In confirmation of this, in Moscow, issued a special reference. A book about Likhachev such certificate was obtained, it showed the customs officers.

“But based on the fact that the documents the printing of the book appeared with the subtitle “Dmitry Likhachev. Life and age”, not as in help – “Dmitry Likhachev,” the publication was attributed by custom to the category “pornography and advertising,” subject to 18 percent tax,” said Zakharenkov.

As writes “the New newspaper”, as obtaining a new certificate from the Federal Agency for press will take no less than a month and simple machines books the publisher will cost 120 thousand rubles, in the “Vita Nova” made the decision to pay VAT of 18%, as in pornography or advertising to get the opportunity to bring a book.

Due to errors in the documents at the customs office of St. Petersburg the book to the anniversary of academician Dmitry Likhachev considered pornography 29.11.2016

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