In Washington, a fight broke out between supporters and opponents of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. It has affected at least nine people, two participants of the fight were arrested, according to local media and
fire Department Twitter.

The incident occurred yesterday, may 16, at the residence of the Turkish Ambassador to the US Serdar Kalyca near Sheridan circle. At the time of the incident, Erdogan was inside, says Reuters, citing a local TV channel NBC. BuzzFeed reports that the incident occurred a few hours after the meeting between Erdogan and U.S. President Donald trump at the White house.

Was attacked participants of the rally organized near the residence of the Turkish Ambassador several organizations, including the Armenian national Committee of the USA (ANCA) and the American Greek Council, reports the Internet-the online Armenian Weekly. A crowd of Erdogan’s supporters broke through police and attacked the protesters, told reporters the Executive Director of the ANCA Aram Hamparian.

Video of the incident published on the page of ANCA in Facebook. It shows standing on the lawn people attacking people in dark suits. Some of them were identified as security personnel Erdogan, the radio station “Voice of America”. Trying to separate the fighting the police.

According to media reports, the fight involved more than 20 people. According to witnesses, the clashes began after the members of the security service of the President attacked protesters, who were holding the flag of the Kurdish “democratic Union Party” (PYD), reports The Guardian.

The representative of the police Department of Washington Dustin Shternbek told NBC that after the incident, was arrested two people. One of them charged with assaulting a police officer. It was among the arrested guards Erdogan, is not specified.

Last year during Erdogan’s visit to the US also saw a scandal: the President of Turkey had to give a speech at the Brooklyn Institute. Just before that, near the Institute, a crowd of protesters. Protection Erdogan staged a brawl with them, and came to listen to the speech of Erdogan journalists.

During Erdogan’s visit to Washington there were clashes between his supporters and opponents (VIDEO) 17.05.2017

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