The head of the election headquarters of the party PARNAS in the Kostroma region (former headquarters of the Democratic coalition in Novosibirsk, Russia) Leonid Volkov charged during interrogation on the case, instituted after the statement of the journalist LifeNews. According to the employee of the TV channel, the opposition leader allegedly broke the microphone of the reporter. Himself wolves refuted the testimony of the journalist.

As the head of staff of the Novosibirsk Demolitia, he was charged under part 3 of article 144 of the criminal code (obstruction of journalistic activity by damaging property). “Came in for questioning, and I immediately indicted on 144, part 3. Now the interrogation, then the measure of restraint,” said wolves in Twitter.

Earlier, the opposition leader pointed out that this is a rare article for excitation of Affairs. In the third part he could face serious penalties if found guilty – till six years of imprisonment.

As a measure of restraint Volkov was elected on his own recognizance.

Came from the UK.
Released on his own recognizance. The territory of Novosibirsk and Kostroma region (sic!).
Following the interrogation, September 1.

— Leonid Volkov (@leonidvolkov) August 24, 2015

Users immediately began to wonder how the opposition will move between the two areas. “So, how to get out of the Kostroma region in Novosibirsk? The teleport?” – wrote one commenter. “Subscription allows transit through Moscow. Though it is unclear what exactly is possible that it is impossible”, – said Volkov.

As reported in the SC ruling, July 17, at the building of the Novosibirsk headquarters of the party PARNAS wolves grabbed the microphone of a journalist LifeNews, which resulted in damage to the electronic unit and the deflector microphone. By their actions, investigators believe, the opposition has damaged the channel around $ 31 thousand and impeded the lawful professional activities of journalists.

While Volkov stated his version of events July 17 – a day before submitting the signatures of the election Committee in Novosibirsk. “NOD and “Linus”… made our headquarters his infernal picket. Screaming, throwing eggs, tried to fight to break into the headquarters while we tried to convince the police to perform their duties and to prevent inconsistent picket (we had to work)”.

According to the oppositionist, the man with the microphone LifeNews, “obviously very well aware of the scenario event”: he tried, pushing Volkova, break closer to Alexei Navalny “at precisely the moment that these were thrown eggs”. “(Journalist) I was just trying to push the hand in which he held the microphone, and tried to hand me to Unscrew…” – said the head of the campaign headquarters of Demolitio in Novosibirsk.

Wolves also noted that “broken” the microphone was invented from the beginning to the end: “Just a few minutes after the “incident” “Linus” (again, sorry) publishes a triumphant report “Navalny again pelted with eggs in Novosibirsk”: look, until they delete it, and you will see that the microphone is, of course, worked perfectly”.

PARNASSUS is part of the so-called Democratic coalition, which brings together the people’s freedom Party and without registration the progress Party Alexei Navalny. The representatives of Demolitio put forward candidates for the elections, legislatures in Novosibirsk, Kaluga and Kostroma, Magadan areas.

In the Kaluga region, the party decided not to take the collected signatures of voters due to the large number of suspicious signatures. Opposition activists say that the signatures could be forged by unscrupulous collectors.

In other regions, the election is not made a party in the elections because of the poor quality of the signatures. All waivers PARNASSUS appealed to the CEC, however, was granted only complaint on the Kostroma region.

In the Novosibirsk region opened a case on the fact of falsification of the PARNAS party signatures in preparation for regional elections. Case under article 142 of the criminal code (falsification of election documents) is brought against an indefinite number of persons. SK suspects unidentified people in the collection and provision to the local election Commission falsified documents.

It is worth noting that, prior to the initiation of the case of the wolves tied the emergence of fake signatures with the activities of the UK and channel LifeNews. “That is really the UK (aka “Linus”) specifically for this here provocations found some untraceable entertainers and was brought to us,” said the opposition leader, telling about a group of unscrupulous collectorsdiscovered by Parnassus.

During interrogation the Volkov associate Navalny was charged in a case brought after a complaint LifeNews 24.08.2015

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