After the launch of the carrier rocket “Soyuz-U” with transport cargo vehicle “Progress MC-04″, which deliver cargo to the International space station, failed. This was reported on the website of the State Corporation for space activities.

In the message of Roscosmos said that in 383 seconds of flight of the carrier rocket with the space truck lost telemetry. As suggested the source of”Interfax”, the booster ahead of time he could be off working the third degree.

“Perhaps the third-stage engine shut down prematurely, causing the craft in an unplanned orbit or even its absence from orbit,” – said the source Agency. A similar version was also presented to the source TASS in the aerospace industry.

“Telemetry lost 383 seconds, this phase of the work engine of the third stage RD-0110,” – said the source TASS. According to him, the third stage RD-0110 was “Design Bureau Khimavtomatika”, Voronezh.

In the event of an accident, as suggested by another source of “Interfax”, the cargo vehicle could fall in the area of the Altai. “Previously, if the ship crashed, in accordance with the calculations could fall in the Altai region”, – said the source.

The interlocutor of journalists , RIA “Novosti” from the power structures of Tuva, said that the wreckage of the space freighter presumably fell on the territory of this region.

According to him, information about the possible area of falling of fragments “Progress” came from eyewitnesses, it is now checked. Interaction with the Russian space Agency was established, he added.

The ship “Progress MC-04″ was launched to the ISS today, 1 December, 17:51 Moscow time. The flight programme was provided for the scheme of convergence of the space truck to ISS for two days. Docking was scheduled for 3 December.

Space truck “Progress MS-04″ was to deliver to the station more than two tons of cargo. Among them, the fuel in the tanks, compressed gases, laboratory equipment, components for life support systems, containers with food and water, as well as clothing, medicines and personal hygiene products for the crew.

During the flight of the space truck “Progress” to the ISS failed 01.12.2016

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