In the course of excavations during the restoration of St. Nicholas Cossack Cathedral in Omsk city centre discovered another unique burial, probably related to the bronze age, reported on the website of the regional Ministry of culture.

It differs from the tomb, found last week, that there was buried not the dead man, and his ashes after the cremation ritual, which is also one of the characteristic features of the burial practices of the bearers of the Andronovo culture of the bronze age.

Together with the ashes in the grave was placed a large clay vessel, decorated with an elegant geometric ornament, which has been preserved to our days in very good condition. According to the Ministry of culture, the new finding confirms earlier archaeologists hypothesized that this could be an ancient necropolis. While scientists have yet to figure out what caused the differences in burial traditions.

Earlier, the Ministry reportedthat on October 4 during excavation works in the basement of this temple were discovered archaeological artifacts, after which the work on this site is temporarily stopped and called out to the archaeologists. Specialists of Omsk state pedagogical University (Omgpu) identified the finds as an ancient burial ground, belonging to the bronze age (XVII-IX centuries BC).

The Director of the Museum of archaeology and Ethnography of Omgpu M. A. Grachev, who heads a group of archaeologists working at the site stated that this is a unique find, since the burial miraculously survived the construction of such great buildings as St. Nicholas Cathedral. At the same time, it has been suggested that this burial is the remains of a large cemetery that disappeared with intensive development of the territory of Omsk in the last 300 years.

After conducting the necessary research findings will be transferred to the Museum of archaeology and Ethnography of Omgpu. Archaeologists do not exclude the possibility that they can wait for the new opening.

During the restoration of the Svyato-Nikolsky Cathedral in Omsk have unearthed a bronze age burial site (VIDEO) 10.10.2016

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