In Venezuela the spreading unrest caused by the opposition and the President Maduro, who has postponed preparations for the referendum on his impeachment. Interior Minister Nestor Reverol reported the death of one of the policemen, wounded in clashes with the protesters. The leader of the country’s opposition Henrique Capriles announced on Wednesday evening that more than 120 demonstrators were injured.

Organization Foro Penal reported that arrests of oppositionists were produced in five of the 23 States of Venezuela: Miranda, Sucre, Guarico, Nueva Esparta, and Tachira, reports TASS.

Capriles said that Nicolas Maduro is responsible for clashes that occurred on Wednesday during the mass protest rallies in the country. He also said that the opposition were arrested on the personal orders of the President.

Venezuela is undergoing a new round of political crisis. They brought to him the decision of the National electoral Council (CNE) to postpone indefinitely the second stage of preparation for the referendum on early termination of powers of the President. It was to be held from 26 to 28 October, and in the course of his political opponents, Maduro had to collect 4 million signatures.

The situation is complicated by the fact that the procedure of impeachment of the President in the Constitution are not spelled out. The opposition controlled Parliament on Tuesday decided to consider the possibility of removing a President from power. Deputies voted “for the discovery of process against Nicolas Maduro” and that the parliamentary Commission began to study the “possible criminal and political responsibility, as well as the resignation” of the President. The President has promised to prevent a “parliamentary coup” and to do everything possible for peace in Venezuela.

During the suppression of unrest in Venezuela killed a policeman, hundreds of protesters were injured 27.10.2016

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