The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia has decided to give mirror response to the call of the Russian Ambassador to the Netherlands Ministry of foreign Affairs to explain the criticism of the report about the MH17 disaster. Dutch Ambassador in Moscow summoned to Russian depodesta on 3 October.

The earlier decision of the Dutch government to call the Russian Ambassador called at the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation “demarche” against the diplomat. Also in Russian depodesta said about “total rejection of any Dutch party, even thoroughly well-reasoned criticism published interim results of the criminal investigation of the crash Malaysian Boeing in the sky over Ukraine on 17 July 2014.

In comments to the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, posted on the website of the Ministry, said that “the preliminary results of the Joint investigation group (SSG) Intrusive portrayed as the only true and does not tolerate any doubt and objection.

In this regard, on 3 October, the Russian foreign Ministry will be called the Ambassador of the Netherlands in Moscow “for further explanation of the reasons for the rejection in Russia of methods of work of the SSG that lead the investigation in the wrong direction.” The Ministry stressed that the head of the Dutch Embassy will tell you about ignoring “objective information”, which the Russian side provided the investigation.

Previously, on 30 September, Russian Ambassador Alexander Shulgin called on the carpet to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. It was reported that the head of the Russian diplomatic mission have to clarify the critical feedback that we heard from the Russian authorities after the publication of the international investigation team preliminary report on the causes of the crash in the Donbass Malaysian Boeing, EN route flight MH17.

Dutch Ambassador in Moscow will call on the carpet in response to similar actions of the Netherlands 01.10.2016

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