The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte said that his country could follow the example of Russia and to withdraw from the agreement on the International criminal court in the Hague (ICC), if the Western countries continue to criticize Manila for her radical methods of fight against drug traffickers, Reuters reports.

In addition, if Russia and China decide to create the world’s “new order”, the Philippines will be the first one who will join them, said Duterte Thursday before leaving for Peru to attend the summit of the Asia-Pacific economic cooperation (APEC).

On the eve of Duterte said he wants to meet at the summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He also expressed the wish that Russia and the Philippines were “best friends”, reports AP.

Also last week, the President of the Philippines has said it has no plans to change the policy toward China, despite the election of President of the United States Donald trump. “I will continue what I started. My cooperation with China and other
ASEAN countries will continue,” said Duterte, who has led the Agency EFE.

On the eve of Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a decree according to which Russia refuses to become a party to the Rome Statute, the main document regulating the activities of the ICC. The Rome Statute entered into force on 1 July 2002 after ratification by 60 countries. Russia signed a document on 13 September 2000 but has not ratified it.

On 16 November, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a decree according to which Russia withdrew its signature under the Rome Statute. It happened two days after the publication of the Prosecutor of the ICC report, in which the events in the Crimea was called an armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

The international criminal court (ICC) – the first permanent international court established on a contractual basis to help end impunity for the worst crimes committed in the twenty-first century.

As reports the website of the UN, the ICC is independent in relation to United Nations international body. The seat of the court is the Hague, the Netherlands. Although its costs are covered mainly by assessed contributions of States parties, it can also receive voluntary contributions from governments, international organizations, individuals, corporations and other entities.

In July 1998 in Rome, 120 member States of the UN adopted the Rome Statute, which became the legal basis for the establishment of a permanent international criminal court. The Rome Statute entered into force on 1 July 2002 after 60 States have ratified.

Duterte expressed the readiness of the Philippines to withdraw from the agreement on the ICC and to join the new Russian-Chinese world order 17.11.2016

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