The cost of food in real time fit the situation. About it as transfers TASS, said Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, speaking at the world grain forum in Sochi.

In the last two years, according to him, the trend is clear: there are more on the shelves of Russian food products, and of high quality, he said.

Vice Prime Minister also noted that Russia will always lose to Western countries in the volume of support of agriculture, however, this support is stable and will remain so in the future. But agricultural enterprises to succeed in the global and Russian markets will have to work actively.

“Our agricultural producers need to squeeze everything possible from their own talent, improve to produce, without relying on huge public support. However, the support is stable and it will remain so,” – said Dvorkovich.

“Agriculture is the only sector of the economy, which in the past few years is steadily growing. The locomotive of our growth is the fact. It’s not just a growth driver is a sector that sets the tone and mood. Products – is something that people face every day, want to see on the shelves of high-quality and affordable products, and the Russian production”, – he said.

According to the Vice Prime Minister, support for agricultural companies will be differentiated, based on the characteristics of each particular domestic region. Plus, these firms will continue to be granted tax preferences.

Besides, as I am sure the representative of the government of the Russian Federation, Russian producers of grain and other agricultural products can successfully compete in the global market through lower prices in dollars.

According to official data, voiced at the forum, in the draft budget for 2017-2019 prescribed allocation 204,5 billion rubles for the state program of financing agriculture.

Dvorkovich: food prices correspond to the situation in the economy 19.11.2016

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