Russian opposition journalists and civil society activists had been hacked. On the night of 11 October, there was a mass break-in of hundred e-mail boxes. The company Google, in particular, noted that the hacking into the accounts of Gmail are “Pro-government hackers”.

According to security consultant at Transparency International-Russia Alexei Shlyapuzhnikov, some of his friends on the night of 11 October reported that can’t log in to my email. Morning about trying to hack my mail found out a few people, transmits television channel “Rain”.

Shlyapuzhnikov noted that Google’s message about hacking attempt on email pointed out that those who tried to hack the e-mail linked to the government. “They did not specify how government was due, but hinted the Russian government”, – he added.

“This is very similar to that was some list, and someone on this list had. A list of independent journalists, experts, activists, political and non-political NGOs suggests that someone does not like independent activists and someone wants to put them under control,” explained Shlyapuzhnikov.

Activist Oleg Kozlovsky on his page in Facebook published a list of peoplewhose mailboxes have been hacked. Among them – he, Vice-President of Transparency International Elena Panfilova, a former municipal Deputy Maxim Katz, a former defendant in the “Bolotnaya case” Nikolay Kavkazsky, journalists Dmitry Tkachev, Andrei Babitsky, Ilya KLISHIN, as well as member of the research group Bellingcat Aric Toler.

According to Kozlowski, the majority of reported attempted burglary, received a notice from Google with the text “Maybe, secret services are trying to steal your password.” The same notice the journalist Roman Shleinov in April 2016 received in my Inbox, which was used only to send queries to VTB, said “jellyfish”.

As pointed out by Google, the warning about the attempt of special services to get access to an account does not mean the fact of burglary, but only that the company believes that the attempt of hacking was. System to alert users of possible hacking attempts, 2012.

Later in conversation with journalists Medialeaks Kozlowski said, which suggested the possibility of an attack on circumstantial evidence and thanks to insider information from their sources. According to him, the attack was subjected to more than a hundred boxes, but it is unknown how many cases of burglary have been identified.

This spring, the employee Fund to fight corruption George alburi and the Director of the NGO “the way of the future” Oleg Kozlovsky said in his microblog on Twitter, that on the night of April 29 unknown have gained access to their accounts in the messenger Telegram. Thus, according to the service, the login occurred from the same IP addresses registered in new York.

E-mail accounts of some Russian journalists and opposition members was under attack 12.10.2016

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