Known blogger Anton Nosik became involved in the case, told the radio station “Echo of Moscow” a source familiar with the investigation. According to him, the blogger is suspected of inciting hatred or enmity (article 282 of the criminal code). In this edition the Nose said that he knew nothing about the criminal case is unknown.

The official representative of capital management of SK Yulia Ivanova confirmed to RBCthat the Spout was a defendant in a criminal case. “The case was brought in November by results of check”, – said the interlocutor of the edition.

According to the interlocutor of “echo of Moscow”, the reason for the investigation was the article under the headline “Wipe Syria off the face of the earth” in the “Live Journal” blogger. In October 2015 the Investigation Committee conducted an inspection of the material on extremism. If this post is still available in LJ blogger.

It should also be recalled that on October 1 the radio station “Echo of Moscow” hosted the live transmission of “Personally Yours” with the participation of the Spout. In it the blogger expressed a similar position on Syria, and in his article in LJ. Moreover, the transcript of the broadcast was not available on the website of “echo of Moscow” the day the code became aware of verification of the UK.

In the words of the Spout, to it nobody addressed “from any law enforcement agencies,” – “either now or in October 2015, when this information first appeared”. “Neither from the UK nor from the prosecution nor from the Ministry of interior or of the judicial authorities”, – said the blogger in his LiveJournal.

In addition, the Trunk is reported that after the broadcast of his involvement from October 1, 2015, the radio station “Echo of Moscow” became “a party to a case” brought against a blogger. “They (the journalists “echo of Moscow”. – Approx. plan for this business to watch and report as new information becomes available. And they appear in “Echo” because the radio station since October is a party in the proceedings (the number of denunciations, the underlying investigative actions filed regarding my air, and leading the broadcast with October involved as witnesses),” wrote the Nose in the “Live Journal”.

The reason for the test, launched by the Investigative Committee in October, could become the petition on the website addressed to the GSM RF IC for Moscow, with a demand to “prosecute the citizen’s Nose”. The document appeared on the Internet a few days after the publication of the article the Spout on Syria. The authors of the petition suggested that the material of the blogger may include “an offense under articles 282 of the criminal code “incitement of hatred or enmity, and humiliation of human dignity” and 354 “Public appeals to unleashing an aggressive war”.

In the recording from October 1, LJ Nose, which since 1990 is a citizen of Israel, said that he welcomed the bombing of Syria. He compared Arab Republic with Nazi Germany and wrote that for Israel it has always been “a very real military enemy”. The blogger wrote that “the last 70 years the middle East has not seen, Syria is nothing but aggression, wars, cannibalism, ruin and grief.”

Anton Nosik is one of the most popular Russian bloggers. His blog in “Live Journal” was established in 2001.

“Echo of Moscow” Anton Nosik was a defendant in a criminal case 16.02.2016

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