The application of the candidate for President in U.S. Donald trump that the U.S. economy is on the verge of a “very major recession”, was criticised by some American economists.

“We are not heading into recession, large or small, and the level of unemployment we do not 20 percent,” said an economist at UniCredit Research in new York city Harm Bandholz. According to official statistics, the U.S. unemployment rate since 2009 has been halved and now stands at 5 percent. Even the softest in the parameters estimates show that full-time job can’t find the 9.8 percent of Americans (while they can be informal on-the-job or work half-shifts).

Some economists agree that the securities market is really in an abnormal state, but it is not a reason to in the United States originated some sort of economic cataclysm.

“No one can predict what will happen to the stock market. I can’t predict whether it will collapse, I can’t predict the recession. I don’t see any reason for a recession, if only in the world will happen event of catastrophic proportions,” said the Director of the Center for economic projections Rajeev Dhawan.

Professor of Economics at one of the California universities sun-Won Sleep estimated the probability of a recession less than 10 percent. “If it happens, it happens because of what happens overseas, particularly in China and Europe,” he said.

In General, economists agree that the financial state of the U.S. strong enough to withstand problems in other parts of the world.

Criticized trump not only economists but also policy. In particular, Democrats said the billionaire was deliberately trying to represent the U.S. economy in a negative light.

Dissatisfied with the statements of trump was even his fellow Republicans. So, the Chairman of the National Committee of the Republican party runs Priebus noted that “people say things that you regret later, when they are scared and when they are evil”.

Economists “defeated” trump forecasts of an impending recession in the USA 04.04.2016

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