Cairo has invited the Russian military in joint exercises 15-26 October, which was first held in Egyptian territory, said Wednesday the representative of the military. Media claimed that in the future, and possibly the creation of the Russian military base.

As reports Reuters, the joint maneuvers include training Egyptian and Russian paratroopers in the North-Western region of El Alamein. This was announced by the representative of the Egyptian army, Brigadier General Mohamed Samir.

The Agency reminds that two days earlier, Egypt has supported rejected the Russian version of UN security Council resolution on Syria, which was excluded demand the termination of air strikes on Syria’s Aleppo. Support for the Russian position in the security Council pulled Egypt’s relations with its key sponsor, Saudi Arabia, which opposed Moscow’s support of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.

Cairo talks on the reinstatement of flights from Russia to its red sea resorts, a year after the terrorist attack on Board who was returning to St. Petersburg aircraft with tourists.

The Russian newspaper Izvestia wrote that Moscow is negotiating the deployment of military bases in Egypt. Official Egyptian newspaper Al Ahram on Tuesday quoted the envoy, who said that foreign military bases in Egypt would.

The Egyptian tourism industry experiencing problems since the uprising in 2011, marked the beginning of political instability.

Egypt has invited Russia to participate in joint military exercises 13.10.2016

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