Egypt’s interior Ministry on Tuesday, October 4, announced the elimination of one of the senior leaders of the Islamist Association “Muslim brotherhood”. Also occurred on the eve of the shootout was killed by another member of this group, recognized in Egypt as a terrorist and banned.

Egyptian security forces had eliminated a member of the Supreme leadership “of the Muslim brotherhood” 61-year-old Mohamed Kamal, who led the military wing of the organization, and another leader Yasser of Shehata, according to Reuters. According to the interior Ministry of Egypt, in the apartment located in one of the districts of Cairo, conducted a RAID, after it emerged that the ringleaders of the Islamic Association used this apartment as a headquarters.

“The Muslim brotherhood on Monday afternoon was reported in their accounts in social networks about the disappearance of Kamal, without giving other details. Reuters was unable to obtain comment from the group.

In a statement, Egypt’s interior Ministry noted that Shehata was sentenced in absentia to 10 years in prison for “assaulting a citizen and forced keeping of a person in the headquarters of the Party of freedom and justice”, emerged as the political wing of “Muslim brotherhood”. Kamal was sentenced to life in prison on two counts of absentee charges, the Ministry added.

Kamal was part of the governing body of the “Muslim brotherhood”, being one of the most significant leaders of the Association. He was responsible for the activities of the Supreme administrative Committee known as the Committee for youth Affairs. In may 2016 Kamal left the office, because his activities were made by other senior leaders of the organization.

“The Muslim brotherhood is the oldest Islamist movement in the middle East. Egypt’s main opposition force, declaring their commitment to peaceful activities, as opposed to the events of 2013, which the Association called “military coup.”

We will remind, three years ago in Egypt on a wave of mass dissatisfaction with the government was overthrown by the army of President Mohamed Morsi, winning in 2012 for the presidential elections as a representative of a political wing “Brothers-Muslims”. After the coup, the first democratically elected head of state and some leaders of the Islamic Association was arrested by the new authorities and charged with inciting violence and bloodshed.

In regard to the “Muslim brotherhood” was launched severe repressive campaign.
An Egyptian court in September 2013 banned all activities of the organization. In December of the same year, the Egyptian government announced radical party terrorist. After the overthrow of Morsi in Egypt, clashes of government troops and supporters of the “Muslim Brothers”.

In December 2011, the radical party “the Muslim brotherhood won in the first round of parliamentary elections. She scored 40% of votes, and later, in June 2012, its leader Morsi became President of Egypt.

In Russia a religious-political Association “Muslim brotherhood” in February 2015 was included in the FSB compiled a list of organizationsrecognized as terrorist and banned in Russia.

Egypt’s interior Ministry announced the elimination of one of the senior leaders of the Muslim brotherhood” 04.10.2016

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