Pensioners in Shanghai was accused of using IKEA for personal purposes. Lonely elderly people came into the diner, working at the point of sale, in search of communication and even love partners. When store employees noticed this trend in the cafe have a rule “no food, no seats.”

According to local people, mass gatherings of pensioners occurred twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. According to Chinese state broadcaster CCTV News referenced by BBC, older people often ordered a Cup of coffee or bread, and then “spent the whole day just talking to each other”.

Presumably, the retirees were part of a community of acquaintances, using the club card the store. This week IKEA has put an end to visits the elderly residents of Shanghai. The store made a rule “no food, no seat,” which will not allow retirees to permanently occupy seats in the cafeteria.

A notice posted at the entrance to the IKEA restaurant. In the ad store employees reported “an illegal group, arranging blind dates”, accusing its participants in “uncivilized behavior”. “The situation is negatively affecting the feelings of the majority of our customers during lunch and their safety”, – stated in the notice.

Store employees also noted that he had received complaints of “spitting, quarrels and fights”. “This is having a negative impact on the work of our dining room. Today the restaurant is only for people who primarily pay for your meal,” reads the announcement.

The news about the retirees, deprived of the possibility to arrange a meeting, had a great response in social networks. Many users expressed support for the elderly. “They’re harmless,” reads one of the comments to the post CCTV News on the popular microblogging platform Sina Weibo. One of the wearer called the innovation café “draconian measures.” “What harm do they do? They are alone and perhaps hope to find some company. In any case, the store needs to show compassion and, at least, to sympathize with these elderly people,” – said in her comments.

Other users considered store policy is correct. “For all who romanticized this story, please take into account that the shop defends your public image, protecting the interests of other paying customers. It’s ugly, to take places for a long time, making others wait,” reads one comment.

Elderly and lonely residents of Shanghai took away from IKEA restaurant 18.10.2016

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