Unknown call on the remote “02” indicating that the location reporting and election conference of Federation of Boxing of Russia of the bomb. About this TASS said the organizers of the conference.

The conference will be held on Thursday in Moscow, Luzhnetskaya embankment, the building of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC). At the same time, this building held all-Russian forum of athletes.

The bomb threat was false.

“The police came because of the package discovered outside the building ENV. The owner of the bags was found, the incident is settled”, – said the representative of the security service.

The Executive Committee of the Federation has once again postponed the election of a new head of the organization on 1 February, however, a number of delegates took the decision to gather in Moscow for a reporting and election conference on November 17.

For the legitimacy of the elections required 50-percent quorum plus one vote. In the building of the ROC on Thursday gathered 43 representatives from 84 regional federations. It is expected the arrival of several late delegates.

As has declared to Agency “R-Sport” head coach of Russian national team Alexander lebzjak, the bomb threat in the building the ROC is not forced to disperse the delegates reporting and election conference.

“We were told that the building is mined. I really did not understand. But nowhere we will not go away, we’re here. Ready to die. The police were checked. We are hard to evacuate, we’re clinging to will. To finish everything to the end,” said lebziak.

The current President of Boxing Federation of Russia is Boris Ivanjuzhenkov that will not run for another term.

Candidates for this position are former head of the organization Eduard Khusainov, the former Director of the Federal security service, the head of the higher Supervisory Board of Federation of Boxing of Russia Yevgeny Murov, President of the Boxing Federation of Moscow region Sergey Danilov and the representative of the organization Leonid Kotlyar.

Election of the President of Federation of Boxing of Russia was accompanied by the search for bombs near the building of the ROC 17.11.2016

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