The wife of former mayor of Moscow, Chairman of the Supervisory Board Inteco Management Yelena Baturina, the third time topped the list of 50 richest women in Russia, compiled by the magazine Forbes Woman. Her fortune is estimated at $ 1 billion.

Last year Baturina became the richest woman in Russia with the same condition. As she told the wife of former Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov in an interview with Forbes, “In principle, we now continue to do the same, than in Russia: construction, development. Only changed the region, we are now in America and in Europe.”

“I’m in Austria for a long time, even when he was the company “Inteko”, was the foreign office. At its base after 2010, when moved interests, and I started to do business in Europe… I’m in Austria have a house, business: hotel, Golf course. I’m totally comfortable there,” he told her about his current business interests Baturina.

Currently the wife of the former mayor engaged in foreign projects and continues to plead with the authorities in Moscow over land. In Russia it is the business went down.

“Plans to invest in Russia I don’t have. Economics is a science, what is often overlooked in Russia, especially some, so to say, heads. …Business – specific thing. If profitable, the money is going to be there, if not profitable and dangerous – the money doesn’t go. Unprofitable in Russia now: no one in a falling market are not investing,” said Baturin.

The former mayor of Moscow Luzhkov, recall, is now a large farm and estate “Weeder” near Kaliningrad, where he is engaged in breeding sheep breeding and the cultivation of buckwheat.

Sports, beer and food: what women earn

Second place in the ranking Forbes took Natalia Lutsenko, who together with her husband controls Russia’s largest manufacturer of vegetable oils the group of companies “Sodruzhestvo”. Her fortune has been estimated at 550 million dollars.

The three leaders also was the Deputy CEO and minority shareholder of the group “TAIF” guzelia Safina with a fortune of 430 million dollars.

The top five ranking also includes the co-owner of the plant “Progress”, Issuer “Frutonyanya” Olga belavtseva (400 million) and the Director of the online store Wildberries Tatiana Bakalchuk (375 million).

Russian tennisistka Maria Sharapova ranked eighth place. Her condition Forbes Woman was estimated at 240 million In ten leaders were also the General Director of the Irkutsk oil company Marina Sedykh (285 million), CEO and owner of InfoWatch group Natalya Kaspersky (270 million), the ex-shareholder of TAIF, the granddaughter of the former President of Tatarstan Kamil Shaimiev (190 million) and Vice President and co-owner of the Moscow beer plant “Ochakovo” Nina mylenko (190 million dollars).

Aggregate wealth of the 50 richest women of Russia, according to Forbes Woman, is nearly $ 7 billion.

Elena Baturina has once again topped the Forbes list of the richest women of Russia 20.08.2015

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