The founder of the American company SpaceX Elon Musk presented a plan for a manned trip to Mars planned in the next decade. Speaking at the International Astronautical Congress, he stated the need for development of an interplanetary civilization,” and announced plans to send to Mars million people. Stream the performance the Mask was held on the official website of the company.

SpaceX released a video about his design of the interplanetary transportation system (Interplanetary Transport System, ITS), which was simulated manned flight to Mars. SpaceX plans to deliver the ship into earth orbit using the launch vehicle, which will then return to Earth for a new start. In orbit the ship will refuel, then go to the Red planet.

“For Mars and space system should conform to four basic principles. It should be suitable for reuse, shall be provided the ability to refuel it on orbit, fuel for return to Earth must be available on the surface of Mars, and this fuel must be optimal for use,” explained Musk.

According to the founder of SpaceX, initially, the employees of the company have considered the possibility of using hydrogen-oxygen engine, but came to the conclusion that the most suitable for a Mars mission would be an engine that runs on methane and oxygen.

During his speech, Musk stressed the need for the development of interplanetary civilization.” “We can live on Earth and will not move, and can become an interplanetary civilization. The main goal is to create a Mars settlement, the city. That’s when we can be interplanetary,” he explained.

The choice in favor of Mars as a planet that needs to learn, was due to the conditions on Venus and the close location to the sun, mercury, noted Musk. However, he did not exclude that in the future mankind will be able to go to the moons of Jupiter.

“If we go to the moon – we will become an interplanetary civilization, because the Moon is a satellite. Previously, Mars was like Earth is now. Mars receives enough sunlight, it has a fairly thin atmosphere. We can grow plants on its surface,” – said the head of SpaceX.

Musk drew attention to the fact that on Earth there are 7 billion people and Mars. “This must change”, he added. Head of SpaceX added that the cost of a flight to Mars is 10 billion dollars, and this price policy needs to change. According to him, the flight shall be no more than 200 thousand dollars, to be comparable to the cost of a house in the United States.

Presenting the layout of the ship designed for missions to Mars, Musk said that every ship can be used 12-15 times, one ship can accommodate about 100 people along with their Luggage. Over 10 thousand flights, the company plans to deliver on Mars 1 million.

“Since first flight we will need from 40 to 100 years to make Mars an independent civilization,” – shared his plans for a Mask. According to him, by 2035, Mars will fly in 80 days. Still less than five months before this planet did not reach no spacecraft.

Interplanetary Transport System is not just for Mars

Elon Musk presented a plan for a manned flight to Mars, promising to deliver a million people 28.09.2016

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