Employees of the gas service of Volgograd were not allowed into the house where the day before there was a collapse of the porch as a result of a gas explosion and four people died. The journalists said the head of the emergency dispatch service of JSC “Volgogradgorgaz” Andrey Aksenov. Meanwhile, investigators called the cause of the explosion in a residential building. The rescue operation at the scene has been completed. Established the identity of all four victims in the emergency. Some of the victims in the incident complained of will not be able to obtain compensation for damages because of lack of registration.

The TV channel “Russia-1″ Aksenov said that the gas companies will not be allowed in the building before the explosion, although the incident could have been prevented. “The people who were unauthorized cutting in the conduit, accordingly, they struck a gas pipe with a diameter of 108 mm and could zagotoviti the room where there were these people. The room that was the store. Opened two people, which subsequently did not let any of the employees of “Volgogradgorgaz”, – said the representative of the service.

Aksenov also said that on this day work was carried out to measure the concentration of gas in cellars and entrances. “Where, presumably, was the epicenter of the explosion, there couldn’t get [emergency dispatch service] in the basement, as the people who opened the door for us, we just were not allowed. And when you call they said they will hold themselves airing, and I didn’t open the door” – quoted by RIA “Novosti” employee of the service.

Meanwhile, Russia’s Investigative Committee confirmed that the cause of the explosion gas was illegally connected to the water supply located near the house of trade pavilion. “May 14 this year, the man through the Internet free classified ads website hired 35-year-old local resident for execution of works on connecting the shopping center owned by his son, to the city water supply. Of work… was held unauthorized because it was not coordinated with the administration of the Soviet district of Volgograd, JSC “Volgogradgorgaz” and other regulatory authorities”, – said on the website of the TFR.

While the report noted that about 11 o’clock on may 16 after a damaged gas pipe hired worker called a brigade “Volgogradgorgaz”, “the leak was quickly eliminated by turning off the gas.” However, the “two hours later, during the restoration works, was an explosion of gas and subsequent collapse of the third entrance of the house No. 60 on University Avenue”.

The alleged perpetrators of the explosion detained

On suspicion in Commission of crime has already arrested three of them – the owner of the shopping pavilion Wraclaw Babayan, his father Yuri Babayan hired employee for unauthorized work, and the employee Mr Lukankin. “The places of their residence has already conducted searches, during which investigators seized documents to conduct business activities, as well as a notebook and rough notes of an employee in which the information on previously conducted similar work”, – stated in the message of the RCDS.

The alleged perpetrators of a gas explosion and the collapse of the apartments plead guilty, the investigation plans to arrest them, said to”Interfax” in the press service of the TFR. “A petition of the investigator for election of a measure of restraint in form of custody involved in the case. They interrogated as suspects, their involvement in the alleged crime do not deny it”, – told the Agency.

Criminal case upon explosion and collapse of the entrance was opened under part 3 of article 238 of the criminal code (execution of works that do not meet the requirements of safety, entailed on imprudence death more of two persons). In the framework of the investigation have questioned more than 80 people, including 57 victims.

The identity of the four dead are identified

According to TFR, the three victims of the explosion and collapse are currently in serious condition, and another six doctors say the acute stress response.

Meanwhile, the rescue operation at the site of the collapse of the entrance of the house after the explosion has ended, have informed RIA “news” the representative of administration of the region. Victims of the incident were four men.

Their bodies recovered from under the rubble, identity is established. Died 35-the summer employee of gas emergency service and three residents of the affected house 1931, 1945 and 1990 years of birth, said “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” , the official representative of regional management SK the Russian Federation Natalia kunitskaya.

On Wednesday afternoon the inhabitants of the apartments of the first and second entrances of the partially collapsed house in Volgograd was allowed, accompanied by experts from the emergencies Ministry and police to return to the apartment to pick up the necessary items and documents, reports TASS. On-site emergency security purposes and the possible appropriation of other people’s things is movies. In the third and fourth entrances to enter is strictly prohibited due to the high probability of collapse.

The house was 45 apartments, which, according to preliminary data, lived 97 people, reported in the TFR. Completely destroyed 12 apartments, only the explosion damaged 16 apartments.

Affected tenants reported problems with payment of compensation

Meanwhile, the government began to pay compensation to the tenants of the collapsed house, told RIA “news” the representative of administration of the Volgograd region. “The first organized groups of victims have already been delivered to the office of “Mail of Russia” and “Sberbank” for the listings. The number of people who will receive benefits, is determined, the investigating authorities”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, the compiled lists of tenants, owners of apartments and living in them, keeps records of applicants for compensation and restoring documents. Only after completion of all these works will be possible to determine the exact number of people who will receive the payment.

As previously reported, the government has determined compensation in the amount of 50 thousand rubles per family and 10 thousand rubles for each person living in the affected house.

Meanwhile, some residents complained that they can not receive the promised amount because of lack of registration. “Don’t we all have them (residence permit. – Approx. NEWSru.com) have, though, and the owners of the apartments. I have children aged one year and five years. To give them to kindergarten, I was forced to register in apartment of the mother, as in the gardens around the residence that are too large turn. Because of this I refused to pay,” – said one of the residents to the edition “Arguments and facts – Volgograd”. According to her, the payment is given to those families who registered in the apartment at least one member.

The explosion in the house No. 60 on University Avenue in Volgograd thundered on may 16 at 13:09. As a result collapsed the 12 apartments of the third entrance from the fourth to the first floor. Four people were killed, 11 were injured.

Employees of the gas service was not allowed in the house in Volgograd, where then there was an explosion and the collapse 17.05.2017

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