On Sakhalin environmentalists are sounding the alarm that can’t do anything with the endangered grey whale, more than a month not wanting to leave the Bay Though near the village of Kholmsky district. According to experts, during this time, the whale was very thin and may die from exhaustion, if not taken emergency measures, reports the news Agency SakhalinMedia.

On the evening of 12 September in the area South of the spit of Piltun Bay in the North-East of Sakhalin, a group of scientists saw in the sea of gray whales coupled to a network with lots of floats. Kit weighing five or six tons of low speed moving North to South about 500 meters from the shore.

The number of floats is at least 25 is allowed to assume that the animal most likely got caught in the trap of stationary nets, reported by the public organization “Ecological watch of Sakhalin”. Then China for a time lost from view.

As it turned out, he swam into the Bay near the village of the Truth of Kholmsky district. Employees of the Fund “Green mushroom” – tried to bring it farther out to sea, but the whale came back to the Bay, perhaps afraid of killer whales. The departure of these predators came at the beginning of October, but weather conditions and human factors have delayed the start of the withdrawal of the whale from the Bay.

Specialists couldn’t get the mammal out to sea and using the recorded voices of relatives, and the sounds of killer whales. “When we turned on the acoustics of the whale with the voices of his relatives, any reaction has not followed, – said the Director of the Foundation Alexander Ivanov. – Hearing the sounds of killer whales, the whale became more cautious, changed the trajectory of the movement, but the limits of the port of the bucket is not left”.

The reason for this behavior of the whale is not clear, said the expert. He suggested that the whale may be a violation of echolocation or any other disease affecting the brain. He also does not deny the possibility of the influence of the human factor: “Can be the cause of such behavior of China’s steel some military exercises, but we do not exactly know.”

Gray whales of the Okhotsk-Korean population included in the Red book of the Russian Federation as a species under threat of extinction. Activities that might harm endangered animals and their habitats, are banned, recalled in connection with this case in the “Ecovita of Sakhalin”.

However, since 2013 the Commission for the production of anadromous fish in the Sakhalin region annually approves three to eight points for a two-setting fixed nets to the South of the entrance to Piltun Bay – actually in the center and in the southern part of the most important feeding pasture of the whales, said econometrica.

People and whales

People in these parts often have to come to the aid of marine mammal in distress. So, at the end of September, environmentalists have saved the minke whale, beached on the shoal in the Bay in the Tatar Strait.

10 Aug fishermen helped the family of killer whales that came into the nets set for pink salmon in Aniva Bay. A week earlier, the fishermen came to the rescue of two whales stranded on a sandbank near the island of Ush in the Gulf of Sakhalin.

In April in the Dolinsk district, Sakhalin region, emergency workers and volunteers during the two-day operation saved four whaleswhich are caught in the ice near the village of starodubskoye.

Environmentalists are sounding the alarm because the red whale stranded in Sakhalin Bay 17.10.2016

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