Turkish President Recep Erdogan Tayyp asked the former Prime Minister of Georgia
billionaire donors, and the informal leader of the coalition “Georgian
dream” Bidzina Ivanishvili to close a casino in Georgia. About Ivanishvili
said on Monday, September 12, at the meeting with representatives
regional mass media, reports “Georgia

“Remember when we met with Erdogan, the first thing he asked is that
to close a casino, and a lot of visitors from there also suffer from these casino, – said Ivanishvili. – But what to do it’s business. People like.
Tourism contributes, accordingly, it is necessary to take
legislation. You must enter the categorical laws on
adults just need to shut down or bankrupt those who let
a minor who violates, it is necessary to require a passport. Need this
point of view to toughen the law, but from the business
to refuse” – said Ivanishvili.

“I would love to have banned, but it’s the economy, commented
the proposal Ivanishvili. Especially in Adjara, Batumi (the capital
Adjara, a competitor of the Turkish resorts. – Approx. NEWSru.com). It
occupies a very serious position, its place in the development of business and the country.”
Ajara region in Georgia, which is located on the black sea coast
on the border with Turkey.

At the same time, Ivanishvili agree that for minors
should impose strict restrictions on gambling. “We need
strictly to tighten the entrance of minors. I must admit, I
our idea was – I said yesterday on this subject, who will not say that
maybe make it so that not to let the local. It will probably be
contradict the legislation”, – he said.

He said that in Georgia comes to a lot of tourists and a casino
helps to increase tourist flow. “It is a fact and this
it is impossible to deny. Casinos have their role to play and contribute. Maybe that
think of legislation and tightened maximally. Many families
hurt. I also know what it is.”

The coalition of Ivanishvili “Georgian dream” in 2012 won the
the parliamentary elections in Georgia, formed the government. To date, the coalition
almost collapsed, many members of her party going to the polls

The main rival of the leading party of the coalition “Georgian dream
democratic Georgia” United national movement”, the informal
a leader who is ex-President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili and
which is represented in Parliament by 49 deputies out of 150.

New elections were held in Georgia on 8 October. Ivanishvili at the meeting with
journalists said that “honorably retired from politics, but urged
citizens to go to the forthcoming elections, stressing that participation in
political life is the duty of all citizens of the country. “I
today, the citizen, and every citizen has the duty
to participate in political life. The least – you need to go to the polls.
This is the minimum duty and consciousness of responsibilities should be available to all
citizens of the country,” he said.

The annual turnover of gambling hundreds of millions of lari to the budget of
they are talking about 66 million

In the budget of the gambling industry annually receives only 66 million lari,
although, according to experts, the turnover of this business is
several hundred million gel, reported in August, the website “Business

Gambling is one of the most profitable, opaque and dangerous to
the population of the businesses, wrote the newspaper “Rezonansi”. According to official data
Revenue service, in the last five years the profit from gambling
uvelichilis 16 million lari. Gambling is mainly subject to
fees, the largest amount in the budget “list” slot machines – 42,596 million lari, from the gambling tables is 20,539 million lari, e
games – 2,735 million lari.

The levy on gambling established by the law of Georgia and is
a quarter of each game apparatus from 1,500 to 3,000 gel, each
gambling table – from 3000 to 10 000 gel, and electronic games – from 30
000 to 60 000 lari. According to experts, gambling in Georgia
is growing quickly.

Gambling is particularly diverse in Adjara, according to
The Ministry of Finance and economy of Adjara, in four years, the number
casino will reach 23. Officials of Adjara say that the casino
contribute to the budget of the region is a very important contribution, because tourists
arrive in Batumi every season.

Adjara gambling is often visited by citizens of neighbouring countries in the Middle
East, investment in the Adjara casino become businessmen most
promising. Now in Adjara operates 11 casinos, and fees
with the gambling business in Batumi budget was $ 16.2 million lari,
81% of the total contribution of the gambling industry (20.2 million lari).

“In addition to the municipal budget of the town, the charges of gambling
act and to municipal budgets Khelvachauri and Kobuleti. In
particularly, in 2015, charges of gambling in Khelvachauri
municipal budget amounted to 442 thousand lari, and in kobuletsky
municipal budget – 52.4 thousand laris”, – stated in the Ministry
of Finance and economy of Adjara.

According to the analyst of the Association of young financiers and businessmen
Zurab Kukuladze, the revenue from gambling is opaque. “Revenues from
casino accurately count very difficult, because the process is opaque.
The administration is also very complex. Casinos do not pay tax on
profit, they are subject to collection. Moreover – if someone will establish
casino and in parallel start other activities, he will pay
only the collection. Therefore, we do not know what is the real turnover
casino,” says Kukuladze and concludes that accurate information
no revenue Service.

Economists believe that coming from gambling in the budget 66
million lari is very small, however, to manage the business Service
income is very difficult.

Erdogan asked Ivanishvili to close casinos in Georgia 12.09.2016

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