Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the Parliament will soon consider the issue of return of the death penalty. According to him, in case of a positive decision of the deputies, he must ratify the law, according to DW with reference to AFP.

Thus, the Turkish leader expressed confidence that deputies will vote in favour of the law. The government will submit the document for consideration by the Grand national Assembly of Turkey in the near future, however a specific timeframe, Erdogan indicated.

The question of possible return of the death penalty in Turkey was discussed after the military coup in July of this year. The victims of those events were 246 Turkish citizens, not counting the rebels, more than two thousand people were injured.

According to Erdogan, for the law of the death penalty is the population of the country. The state, he said, obliged to listen to the will of the people.

“In a democracy, the demand of the people can not be ignored. It is your right. It will be appreciated in the framework of the constitutional process by the relevant authorities, which will decide,” – said Erdogan at the funeral of the victims of the rebellion in Istanbul. Gathered at the event, the people began to chant “we want the death penalty.”

Note that Erdogan has repeatedly stated that Ankara’s EU membership is a strategic goal. However, the EU warned that the return of the death penalty will stop all negotiations on the accession of Turkey to the European Union.

In Turkey the death penalty was not applied since 1984. In 2004 the framework established by the EU requirements to the countries applying for membership, Turkey has officially banned the death penalty.

Erdogan promised to consider the “public opinion” on the question of the return of the death penalty 30.10.2016

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