Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan ranked as the terrorists, members of religious-social movement “Hizmet”, which is based in USA a Turkish writer, former Imam and preacher Fethullah gülen. As stated by Erdogan, he will chase participants in this movement, whom he accuses of trying to overthrow the Turkish government.

As noted by Reuters, this move by the Turkish leader puts the organization created by his former ally, on a par with the Kurds, against whom the Turkish army has been fighting in the South-East of the country.

According to RT, since mid-April, the Turkish police arrested hundreds of citizens suspected of having links with Fethullah gülen. He and his supporters are accused Ankara in a conspiracy against the Turkish government and the creation of a “parallel state.” Previously, the movement “Hizmet” actively supported the party of Erdogan when he was Prime Minister of the country.

This organization had many supporters in Turkey. People were drawn to the idea of development of education and promoting inter-cultural dialogue. However, later the Turkish government began to call him “a terrorist organization of Fethullah Gulen”. The occasion was the chaos that dominated the country in 2013. Peaceful protests against the construction of Istanbul’s Gezi Park escalated into a wave of demonstrations and unrest throughout Turkey. The police used against activists stringent measures, with the result that several people were killed. Gulen criticized the actions of the authorities to sharp criticism.

At the end of the same year, the government has come under fire due to numerous allegations of corruption. The result across the country raised a wave of protests demanding the resignation of the government. Turkish law enforcement authorities have initiated an investigation against several high-ranking officials close to Erdogan.

In response, the head of state said that the initiative to start the investigation came from the gülen movement. He also accused his old friend that he heads a terrorist organization that is trying to overthrow the government. However, Gulen has denied all charges against him.

Erdogan and his party pursue Gulen supporters across Turkey. Associated with the movement “Hizmet” individuals and companies are often banned. Thus, in particular, occurred with the newspaper Zaman, which before the cooling of relations between Erdogan and Gulen was one of the most popular publications in the country.

Today Gulen lives in the U.S. in self-imposed exile. A Turkish court has three times issued a warrant for his arrest. In addition, the U.S. court entered a claim against Gulen in connection with alleged violation of human rights.

Erdogan ranked the former friend to “terrorists” 31.05.2016

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