The European Union in December may extend anti-Russian sanctions, but diplomats do not rule out further easing as a result of the victory of Republican Donald trump in the presidential election in the U.S., writes The Financial Times in the article, which quotes the website InoPressa.

Sunday will be a special lunch where the foreign Ministers of EU countries will discuss how to react if trump makes good on his campaign rhetoric into practice. According to diplomatic sources of the newspaper, “the purpose of the meeting is to ensure the preservation of the Ministers of the General political position before joining trump to power.” “He should clearly know what we expect of him,” said the diplomat.

The European Ministers raised the question of what to do, “if any attempt by trump to communicate with Putin would entail easing of US sanctions and prompted some EU countries to call for similar mitigation in Europe” Diplomats said that any such change in the US policy can influence “the unity of the member States” on the Ukrainian question. They also wondered what would happen if trump will abandon nuclear agreement with Iran.

Yesterday the Reuters Agency with reference to the five diplomatic sources also said that the European Union is likely to extend anti-Russian sanctions in December, before the inauguration on January 20, trump, as in Europe, there are concerns that US policy towards Russia since his arrival will change. “After the inauguration of the trump who knows where it will lead us. It may become more difficult”, – quotes Agency of the European diplomat.

According to The Financial Times, on the continuation of the EU sanctions after the end of December, if Russia, as expected, did nothing to implement the Minsk agreements, will insist Germany and France. Italy, Hungary and Greece plead for an easing of sanctions. One of the opposition deputies of the Belgian Parliament introduced an initiative to abolish sanctions on the discussion, waiting for the election trump.

The resolution calling for the lifting of sanctions awaits consideration in the Belgian Parliament

The Commission on foreign Affairs, house of representatives, Federal Parliament of Belgium establishes the date of consideration of the draft resolution, calling on the power of the Kingdom to initiate the lifting of EU sanctions, said RIA “Novosti” the author of the document, the Deputy Aldo Carcassi from the opposition popular party (Parti Populaire).

The original discussion was planned in October, and the project document Carcassi introduced the lower house of Parliament in the summer, but asked to postpone the discussion and is now waiting for the appointment date. “I did the right thing, because the election of Mr. trump with the President of the United States can greatly change the situation in future”, – said the Deputy.

According to him, the resolution calls on the Belgian government “to put the authorities of the European Union the issue of lifting economic sanctions against Russia.” Carcassi believes that the introduction of the document to the Parliament, “we will open the discussion about the sanctions that primarily cause damage to Belgian companies, particularly producers of fruits and vegetables, more than others affected by the sanctions regime.”

Bank Morgan Stanley estimated the probability of removing US sanctions in 35%

The experts at Morgan Stanley believe that after the election, trump the probability of lifting of U.S. sanctions in 2017-2018 is 35%, write “Vedomosti”.

A trump presidency could potentially weaken the US sanctions imposed against Russia because of the situation with the Crimea, believe in Morgan Stanley. While trump has not designated a specific action plan on this issue, experts say in the report. The new US President only briefly mentioned that he will look at whether to cancel anti-Russian sanctions.

The Bank’s analysts stressed that without support from USA will be much harder to maintain and extend the EU sanctions, which expire in January 2017. The decision on the extension of sanctions should be supported by all 28 EU countries.

On 9 October, President Vladimir Putin said that Russia is ready to restore relations with America, and his Advisor Sergey Glazyev hopesthat the “trump as a pragmatic person will cancel anti-Russian sanctions, which harm American business.”

At the same time to strengthen sanctions against Russia appealed to is not already in a position to Trump the people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Nadezhda Savchenko.

EU may extend sanctions against Russia before the inauguration of the trump, as it does not preclude mitigation in the future 11.11.2016

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