European leaders are very concerned about the possible upcoming change in foreign policy of the USA after winning Donald trump in the presidential election. Europe welcomes dialogue between Washington and Moscow, however, asks US not to forget its allies, writes The Washington Post.

“Representatives of the defense ministries of Europe and NATO have warned newly elected President Donald trump about the warming of relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin. They said they welcome the dialogue, but the United States should not abandon its allies for the sake of strengthening ties with Moscow”, – writes journalist Michael Birnbaum.

According to him, these warnings sounded in some hours after trump and Putin talked on the phone and promised to work to improve relations, “which have deteriorated to the level of the cold war era after 2014, Russia annexed the Crimea, taking it from Ukraine,” reads the article, which quoted InoPressa.

The journalist notes that the Minister of defence of Germany Ursula von der Leyen has urged trump to exercise caution when dealing with Putin. “It’s always good to stay in dialogue with Russia. However, for us it is also important not to forget about your principles. This means that the international laws should not be violated”, she explained.

European journalists, in turn, noted that recently the situation in international political arena develops extremely favorably for the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Thus today, “Russia’s relations with the West and the United States reached the worst state since the cold war,” writes Der Standard.

“On the question of how plans to act in this situation, trump, yet difficult to answer. A friendly Pat on the shoulder and warm words in any case will not be enough. Putin will be a quiz the new President faster than one expects: in political, military, economic and ideological terms,” suggests the journalist Christoph Prantner, quoted InoPressa.

Main test will fall on the share of ideological picture of the world, says Prantner, and the position of trump particularly weak. “If anything unites with a former employee of the KGB sitting in the Kremlin, is a tendency to authoritarianism and a departure from the ideas of liberalism – that has nothing to do with Western values,” writes the author.

According to Brantner, trump represents a critical state concepts such as democracy, pluralism, market economy and international cooperation based on international law.

“All these standards the new “leader of the free world” eloquently and patiently obliged to defend Putin. Maybe trump will have to continue what Obama started: the transfer of battalions of NATO to the Eastern borders of the Alliance. Today, Putin took a running start, but in the long run Russia is weak. She is suffering from sanctions, a weak economy and a declining population,” adds the journalist.

On 14 November, Russian President Vladimir Putin has held his first telephone conversation with the newly elected President of the United States Donald trump. The leaders discussed the normalization of Russian-American relations.

Putin once again congratulated trump on winning the US presidential election and wished him success in the implementation of the election program and indicated the willingness to “build a partnership dialogue with the new administration on the principles of equality, mutual respect and non-interference in the internal Affairs of each other”.

Also during the dialogue Putin and trump has been recognized by the international terrorism and extremism is our common enemy “number one”, said the press service of the President of the Russian Federation. The interlocutors agreed that to fight the terrorists need to work together. “In this way were discussed and the settlement of the crisis in Syria,” – said in the Kremlin.

Recall that the incumbent leader of the United States will expire January 20, 2017. However, the Kremlin previously did not rule out a meeting between Putin and trump before the inauguration of the President of the United States.

Europe warns trump the rapprochement with Russia and asks him not to forget about the allies 16.11.2016

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