There are more than 700 million women married before reaching 18 years of age. Thus every third of them was married before she was 15 years old, the report said charitable organization Save the Children.

According to her, every year in different countries, married 15 million girls under the age of 18. It mostly happens in Africa and South Asia, noted in a Twitter organization. Every seven seconds marries a girl under the age of 15, the report said.

It notes that early marriage is most prevalent in poor countries where there are armed conflicts and humanitarian crises. Often girls are married off in families of refugees, to save them from poverty, reports the BBC.

In countries like Afghanistan, Yemen, India and Somalia at the age of 10 years are forced to marry men much older. According to estimates of the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the number of women married in childhood will increase and in 2030 will amount to about 950 million.

Meanwhile, Save the Children believe that early marriage often destroy the lives of girls. After marriage, they usually are unable to attend school and get an education. Their chances to deal with domestic violence, bullying and sexual violence is much higher. Girls early pregnant, and also prone to various sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV. Thus, in fact, girls are denied the right to be a child, the report said.

The authors made a ranking of countries depending on the opportunities they provide to girls. It takes into account such criteria as the prevalence of child marriage, the age when a woman first gives birth, maternal mortality, female education and other factors.

The list was headed by the Nordic countries: Sweden, Finland and Norway. The US was only in 32nd place- largely due to the high rate of maternal mortality (14 women for every 100 thousand births). The same level of maternal mortality in Uruguay and Lebanon.

At the end of the ranking are Niger, Chad, Central African Republic, Mali and Somalia. In all of these countries, girls marry early and have children early, often die in childbirth and rarely receive an education. Russia in the ranking are not presented.

Publication of a report by Save the Children coincided with International day of the girl child celebrated on 11 October. He was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly on 19 December 2011. The celebration of this day allows you to focus on the need to address the problems facing girls, and to promote the empowerment of girls and the realization of their human rights. In 2012, the international day of the girl child was celebrated for the first time and was dedicated to child marriage, which violate fundamental human rights and affect all aspects of life of girls, says RIA “Novosti”.

In honor of this day on the building of the Empire State Building in new York will be lighted with red lights, reports the website of the organization Save the Children.

Save the Children (“save the children”) is an international organization dedicated to protecting the rights of children around the world. It was founded in 1919 in the UK. Its main objectives are the improvement of education, health, economic empowerment, protection of children from violence and natural disasters, as well as other activities for protection of children’s rights.

Every seven seconds in the world marries a girl under the age of 15, the study showed 11.10.2016

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