May day district court of Omsk has sentenced 59-year-old former head of the children’s theatre Vladimir Cartesio. The man repeatedly over the past almost 40 years was accused of sexually abusing children, but until recently, he continued to spend holidays for kids in the way “clown Vovchik”.

In October 2015 Vladimir Chistyakov appeared in court for the fourth time. By the judgment he will be imprisoned for six years. The man will be served in a correctional colony of strict regime, reports the official website of the regional Prosecutor’s office.

In addition, the court denied Certhidea rights for 10 years to engage in entertainment activities as well as activities on organization of recreation and entertainment.

It is established that from December 2014 to February 2015 Vladimir Chertishchev, working as a screenwriter in children’s show-theatre “Street dance”, repeatedly molested in his apartment two 14 year old boys. Victims a pedophile he met in the kids club, where he worked with his friend.

The suspect in the rape of children was arrested in April 2015. During the search of a home Curtisia “were discovered and seized evidence of his criminal activity and pornographic material”. The court elected the detainee the measure of restraint in form of detention.

Cartisano was charged with part 3 of article 135 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Dissolute actions concerning minors”). He was threatened with a 12-year term of imprisonment, but the Russian Themis showed softness to the pedophile-the recidivist, assigning half the term of imprisonment.

Guilty of a crime, Chistyakov admitted in part.

According to information “Russian newspaper”, Vladimir Chernishev repeatedly and during the Soviet era was busted for child rape. The man lured Teens to his apartment, showed “adult” movies and then started the harassment.

For the first time Vladimir Chernishev condemned in 1979.Then he got off with community service at a construction site. The second time, in 1989, the pedophile has been amnestied.

In March 2011 Chernisheva was detained again. At that time he was Director of youth theatre “Images and masks”. It was established that from March 2006 to January 2010 in the house of culture Rubin and his or her place of residence, Chistyakov repeatedly underage movies porn, pictures of naked teenagers and made concerning them other dissolute actions.

According to one version, the rape victims were children, which the pedophile looked after while touring theater troupes in schools and kindergartens, where the actors gave concerts.

The detention of Director of the theatre over the scandal. Then the police made a calming statement in which rape was called “inadequate”.

Police also rushed to refute the prior information that a crime is suspected, the principal or the head of one of the theatres. “No, the position of the detainee is not “the Director of children’s theater,” said then the Agency staff. – What position he occupies, I cannot tell you”.

Parents of potential victims and possible guards comforted by the fact that the crime the artist committed allegedly during off hours. “Emphasize their victims-teenagers he was looking for outside work. Were there cases of harassment among wards detained on a creative workshop, will show a consequence”, – have noted in police.

In the end, Vladimir Chernishev was sentenced to three years in prison, but then released “because of changes in the law.” By that time the Statute of limitations on the crimes connected with corruption, was reduced to two years.

Despite several convictions, the pedophile Vladimir Chertishchev continued to direct its theatre and performing at children’s parties in the image of a cheerful clown Vovchik, the newspaper said. In the summer of 2012 our correspondent accidentally met the artist in Anapa, where he toured with the wards on children’s sanatoriums and camps under the pseudonym Ladeyshikov. Photos from the event were sent to the Investigation Committee. After that Cartesio had to stop the pop operation.

Recently, Chistyakov worked in network marketing and distributing cosmetics. However, he continued to act illegally on private events, as well as organizing parties and weddings. Last spring during conversations with dummy customers next celebration child clown and was arrested.

Ex-Director of the Omsk children’s theatre, which became the “clown Man”, convicted for the fourth time for pedophilia 21.10.2015

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