A group of 19 CSU under the leadership of former FBI agent Vince Pancake started a new investigation into the circumstances of the arrest of the Jewish girl Anne Frank – the author of this journal, which brought her worldwide fame, writes The Guardian. Investigators intend to test the hypothesis that the Frank family was betrayed by someone and extradited to the Gestapo, as well as to establish who was behind it.

The initiator of investigation are directed by This Bayans and Dutch journalist Peter van Twisk. They called their project Cold Case (“cold case”). This weekend the project got its own page in Twitter. In it, the authors and participants in the investigation intend to share with others their successes.

It is reported that they intend to begin the investigation with a clean slate. The group cooperates with a number of organizations, including the House-Museum of Anne Frank in Amsterdam. Last year the organization has published results of own investigation of circumstances of arrest of the family of Anne Frank.

The researchers came to the conclusion that the arrest of a Jewish girl and her family were not the consequence of betrayal, and the completion of the police operation to prevent illegal trade of food rations and other violations of the Nazi regime, reports NEWSru Israel.

However Pankok, citing recently declassified documents sent to the US from Amsterdam after the war, adheres to the previous version, according to which the Frank family was granted the Gestapo, someone from local residents or German agents.

The first version of the betrayal was raised by the father of Anne Frank, Otto Frank, who was suspected of betrayal by one of the employees of the warehouse where I was hiding the Frank family, the van Wilhelm Marina. The Dutch police twice, in 1948 and 1963, investigated these suspicions, but found no evidence of the involvement of van Maaren to the arrest of the Franks. Later Dutch investigators was criticized for the fact that their investigation was focused only on one suspect.

Anne Frank was arrested by the Gestapo in 1944. She died in February 1945 at the age of 15 years in the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen. Cause of death was typhus. Experts hope to conclude the investigation by August 4, 2019 – to 75-year anniversary of the arrest of the Franks family.

Ex-FBI agent headed a new investigation into the case of the arrest of Anne Frank 03.10.2017

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