The former civil husband of Maria Maksakova, Vladimir Tyurin has denied statements of the Ukrainian authorities regarding his involvement in the murder of her new chosen one – ex-the Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation Denis Boronenkov. This was stated by his lawyer Sergei Belyak.

“Murder Boronenkov – this is the work of Ukrainian nationalists, who had hoped that the then Ukrainian authorities use it for new charges, Russia. Tyurin to this crime is irrelevant, and the accusations considers nonsense”, – quotes words of the lawyer “Interfax”.

Whitey said that Tyurin had never had any dealings or disputes with the Voronenkova, whom he hardly knew, and did not let his relationship with his former common-law wife. Even more nonsense he called “accountability Tyurin of the Russian FSB”, a sentiment Ukrainian law enforcers.

“These organizers made one mistake, that will be killed by. Because if that happens, then the Ukrainian authorities would have been right to accuse the FSB of the Russian Federation, and so had to use Turina, and now he is attracted to this case artificial, far-fetched and unreasonably”, – concluded the representative of Turin.

The involvement of Turin to murder declared October 9, the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s office. According to her, Tyurin worked together with the FSB. According to the Ukrainian investigation, in exchange Tyurin received privileges from the Russian security services to monitor criminal groups in Russia and some CIS countries.

Denis Voronenkov was murdered in Kiev on March 23 of this year. His guard shot the killer, inflicting a mortal wound, the killer later died in hospital. It was reported that the murder was committed by 28-year-old Paul Parsow, who had previously served in one of the Ukrainian volunteer battalions in the Donbass. Immediately after the murder, the Ukrainian authorities announced the involvement in the crime Russian special services.

Ex-husband Maksakova, Kiev suspected of involvement in the murder Boronenkov, says the charges are nonsense 09.10.2017

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