An Egyptian court overturned a life sentence of former President Mohamed Morsi, issued to him for participation in the activities of Hamas and espionage in favor of Iran, according to the Egyptian newspaper Ahram. The court also reversed the death sentences of the leaders of the “Muslim Brothers”.

According to the newspaper, the court of cassation sent the case of espionage for new trial. Along with Morsi to wait for a new verdict will be the Supreme head of the “Muslim brotherhood” Mohamed tubs and one of the organization’s leaders Essam El-Erian. In addition, canceled the death sentence against two leaders of the “Muslim brotherhood” – Mohammed El-Beltagy and Khairat El-Shater.

TV channel Al Arabia recalls that on 27 November the same court should start consideration of the legality of second life sentence, which was handed down Mursi on charges of stealing documents relating to national security, and transferring them to Qatar.

Last week, the court overturned the death sentence of ex-President in the case of organizing mass escape of prisoners from prison during the popular uprising, however, says Reuters, it does not mean that Morsi will be able to avoid the penalty.

Mohammed Morsi was elected by popular vote after the 2011 uprising and overthrow in mid-2013 by Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. After the coup, Morsi would be immediately arrested and remains since then in prison. During the uprising, the Egyptian security forces, supported al-Sisi, one day killed hundreds of Morsi’s supporters. Thousands of “Muslim brotherhood” were detained, hundreds have received death sentences or long prison terms in cases which human rights activists believe legally untenable and politically motivated.

The Egyptian government claims not to interfere in the work of the judicial system. According to Cairo, the “Muslim brotherhood”, the oldest Islamic movement of Egypt is a terrorist group the “Muslim brotherhood” claim that are committed to a peaceful activity.

Ex-President of Egypt Mohammed Mursi overturned a life sentence 22.11.2016

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