In Russian hospitals recorded an increase in mortality, which experts attributed to the recent reforms in the health sector. In 2015, according to statistics, died on 24 thousand are hospitalized more than the year before. The specialists of the Foundation of independent monitoring “Health” in the report, which quoted RBCdirectly linked the trend of a decreasing number of hospital beds – people admitted to hospital too late. However, the Ministry of health refutes this version, offering his explanation of the reasons for the increase in the number of deaths.

In the report of the Fund “Health” States that the increase in deaths in hospitals, according to official data, in 2015 the number of hospitalizations decreased by 817 thousand the Reason is simple: doctors from sending patients to the hospital because of the shortage of places in hospitals, experts believe.

For 2013-2015 in Russia reduced more than 100 thousand beds, mostly located in specialised and district hospitals, according to the newspaper “Our version”. One only 2015 was eliminated 41 thousand beds, indicated in the report of the Fund “Health”.

In 2014, the number of hospitalizations amounted to 31.2 million people, in 2015 – 30.4 million Director of the Foundation “Health” Eduard Gavrilov linked the reduction in hospitalizations with a reduction in the availability of medical care in hospitals. According to the “Health” of in-hospital mortality in 2015 was 1.71%. In 2015, to the hospital died 519 thousand. In 2014, the deceased was 495 thousand, and the rate of in-hospital mortality stood at 1.59%.

Most reforms in the health sector has hit rural areas, experts say. As there primarily was reduced specialized medical places, cardiological, neurological and pulmonary now to treat patients, for example with heart attacks and strokes, just nobody.

The biggest increase in mortality was registered in 10 regions – Murmansk, Kursk, Penza regions, the Republic of Karelia, Perm region, Volgogradsky region, Mari El Republic, Nizhny Novgorod and Tyumen regions, Krasnodar Krai. But in some regions, on the contrary, the number of hospitalized increased. The improvement achieved Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, Kaliningrad oblast, Tambov oblast, Magadan oblast, Ingushetia, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Astrakhan oblast, Chechnya, Tuva.

The Ministry of health increased mortality in hospitals explain other reasons

Meanwhile, the Ministry of health RBC denied the connection of increased mortality in hospitals with a reduction in hospitalizations. According to the Department, more people died due to the fact that in 2014-15 hospitals lifted restrictions on the age of patients and severity of diseases that are prevented to be hospitalized. On the growth of in-hospital mortality affects the development of palliative care in hospitals began to die more patients with incurable and severe diseases, where early clinics were hospitalized, stated the Ministry.

According to the health Ministry, reducing the number admitted, in turn, is associated with increased medical care clinics and trauma centers, as well as the introduction of alternative forms of hospitalization.

Forecast: send to Church instead of treatment, the doctors will increasingly

The press, meanwhile, continues to sound the alarm in connection with a permanent reduction of funding of the health system in Russia. The Ministry of Finance in the following year proposed to reduce the cost of health care is still 28.6 billion.

Especially alarming situation due to lack of funding and reduce the number of doctors and hospital beds formed in the regions. The budget of the Fund of compulsory medical insurance does not cover all treatment costs, and regional authorities save on medicine as they can.

The newspaper “Our version” is reminiscent of recent high-profile case in Primorye, where in one of the hospitals in the city, the doctor refused to do the patient that was bitten by a dog, rabies vaccination, and advised instead to go to Church and light a candle. As it turned out, the clinic simply did not have the vaccine. The news became public, the doctor was dismissed. Vice-Governor of Primorsky Krai Pavel Serebryakov said the vaccine was not due to an inexplicable failure in the procurement.

The publication predicts that due to the reduction of funding for hospitals to send a “treated” with the rites of the Russian medical institutions in the near future probably will more and more often.

But it is not only in reducing the health budget, the article says. “In fact, it would be much more efficient to reduce waste and inefficient spending. Hospital equip good equipment, but because of corruption it costs many times more than in reality. Purchased for rural hospitals, sophisticated medical equipment, however they do not know how to use it. Increase the salaries of the local doctors, but this leads to the fact that cardiologists, ophthalmologists, oncologists and other specialists massively perekvalifitsiruetsya in the district,” writes the author of the article Irina Mishina.

Health officials say about the underfunding, and in the meantime in the MHI funds are deposited billions of roubles. So, by results of checks revealed that the insurance company held with the medical organisations as a result of fines around 50 billion rubles – almost 4% of the annual budget of the Federal mandatory medical insurance Fund. A substantial part of these funds ended up in the companies themselves, said the journalist.

The President of the Foundation “Health” Eduard Gavrilov believes that if the tariff policy remains the same, the volume of paid medical care increased, health workers did not see higher wages, and citizens will become increasingly self-medicate. In the end, the morbidity and mortality of the population will continue to grow.

Experts attribute the increase of mortality in Russian hospitals with a reduction in the number of beds 21.10.2016

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