Several experts questioned the existence of a group “liberation Army of Kazakhstan”, which allegedly claimed responsibility for the attack in Aktobe on June 5. Political analysts say that have never seen the names of this organization. In this regard, experts have suggested that the media got misinformation.

In particular, the political scientist Yerlan Karin believes that “the liberation Army of Kazakhstan” – is a fake. “A lot of journalists calling and asking about a certain liberation Organization referenced by Radio “Freedom”. Expressing his opinion as an expert. So, never seen a mention about the Army of liberation. It is a fake. Another misinformation”, – the expert wrote on his page in Facebook (spelling and punctuation of the author saved. – Approx.

This opinion is shared by the representative of border cooperation Association in Kazakhstan Marat Shibutov. “I had never heard of such a group”, – said the expert edition of “Lada”.

According to him, even the name of the extremist organizations raises doubts about its authenticity. “Typically, these political organizations are called in Arabic, and there is the word “Kazakhstan” is not used. They use words like “Turkestan”, the geographical arabized terms. “Army for the liberation of Kazakhstan” – more like a fake”, – concluded the expert. Shibutov noted that references to the statement of the extremists of nowhere. “More like the crap some” – summed up the interlocutor of the edition.

Russian political scientist Alexander Knyazev also believes that the “liberation Army of Kazakhstan” does not exist. “Quite a common phenomenon, when someone tries on the background of any event to say so about yourself. In connection with the events in Aktobe this name appears for the first time in General”, – said the expert.

In addition, a competent source in the power structure of Kazakhstan, occupied by the fight against terrorism, said 365info.kzwhat about any “Army for the liberation of Kazakhstan,” he heard.

On the eve of radio Liberty” reported that the responsibility for the attacks in Aktobe took over some of the “army for the liberation of Kazakhstan”. The radio station quoted the appeal of the extremists, stating that it was “the first battle of the supporters of democratic development of Kazakhstan against Nazarbayev dictatorship clique”. It does not specify through which channels was passed on the statement groupings, and how it became available to journalists.

A radio message disseminated by the Russian media. Some time later, experts began to Express doubts about the veracity of information about the group “liberation Army of Kazakhstan.”

Last Sunday in Aktobe (city in the Aktobe region of Kazakhstan) a group of religious radicals attacked two of the gun shop and military unit. The extremists exchanged fire with the police. In the result, six people were killed and 38 injured, most of them soldiers.

In Aktobe was declared “red” level of terrorist threat, and throughout Kazakhstan for 40 days is set a moderate “yellow” level. In the framework of the antiterrorist operation in Aktobe in total destroyed 13 criminals arrested eight.

Experts believe “the liberation Army of Kazakhstan” fake 07.06.2016

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