In the body of the journalist, Deputy Chairman of party PARNASSUS Vladimir Kara-Murza Jr., filed a month ago, a statement to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation on the assassination attempt on his life after the events of the spring of 2015, when he is in a serious condition was taken to the hospital, found a significant excess of permissible for an individual concentration of certain substances, reports RBC with reference to the opinion of the French expert Pascal Kintse.

The document States that the samples of blood, fingernails, urine and hair were taken the evening of 29 may 2015 – three days after the state policy has sharply deteriorated. The study was conducted on 30 may in the laboratory, which is located in oberhausbergen in the French Department of the Lower Rhine.

The main conclusion is that in the samples studied was considerably exceeded the concentration of four heavy metals: manganese – 59.5 times (in samples of hair were found 33,9 a nanogram to milligrams), copper – by 1.8 times (112 nanograms per milligram) zinc – 2.25 times (473 a nanogram per milligram), mercury – in 1,2 times (2,01 a nanogram per milligram).

Thus iron in the body was found 19 times less than the minimum acceptable level (0.68 nanogram per milligram). Experts have not yet began to make conclusions, as evidenced by these results.

Specialists also found in the body Kara-Murza Jr. traces of some medications, including the flu, but health policy these substances had no effect. Experts came to the conclusion that the Chairman of the party PARNAS didn’t use drugs.

Myself Kara-Murza Jr. drew the attention of RBC, which held the French study is not quite representative, since the samples for analysis were taken immediately after hospitalization. “I am absolutely convinced that it was attempted murder on purpose to stop my political activity. There is no doubt that it was poisoning, because that was the official diagnosis. Does not happen out of the blue, in a healthy person started within a few hours to disconnect all major life-supporting organs”, – said the politician.

His lawyer Vadim Prokhorov in an interview with reporters, said that the French study was transmitted to the investigative Department of the Khamovniki district of Moscow Department of the TFR. The lawyer believes that now the Agency needs to appoint an expert examination in the framework of the preliminary investigation. “We have no ready version than was poisoned Kara-Murza. But, apparently, some kind of intentional poisoning occurred, as can be seen from these data,” – said Prokhorov.

According to the victim, now investigators must find out who and what he was poisoned. Kara-Murza believes that it is not about household poisoning: he sure used “a complex substance”. “As a rule, such poisons are either relevant special bodies, or the people from such authorities”, – said the politician.

Journalist and opposition activist Vladimir Kara-Murza Jr. was hospitalized in the First city hospital on may 26 last year with Zubovsky Boulevard in Moscow with a diagnosis of “hypotension”. According to doctors, he was in serious but stable condition. On 3 June, the chief doctor at the hospital confirmed that the patient came out of the coma.

May 28, 2015 Vladimir Kara-Murza is a senior reported “Interfax” that his son was diagnosed with “acute renal failure”. In an interview to “echo of Moscow” the journalist’s father said the family will try to take the victim abroad for treatment.

He added that he asked the doctors, “could this be a crime”. “They said it could be anything: yesterday’s burrito, banana, Apple. I think there is no crime there,” said the father of the victim.

Vladimir Kara-Murza Jr. – son of the famous journalist Vladimir Kara-Murza, a member of the Federal political Council of the party PARNAS, co-chair of which was killed in February of this year, Boris Nemtsov.

Experts have found heavy metals in the body is poisoned journalist Kara-Murza 21.01.2016

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