The icebreaker “Kapitan Dranitsyn”, on Board of which the participants of the drifting station “North pole-2015″, came on Sunday in the port of Murmansk. Participants station evacuated from the ice on August 5, met top officials: the Governor, the Minister of nature and special presidential envoy for the Arctic.

On August 5, the Ministry of natural resources began planning the evacuation of drifting
station “North pole-2015″ from the Arctic, which opened in April. During the evacuation of the ice, which was a station on Board the icebreaker were delivered 17 personnel “SP-2015″, two dogs and equipment. In addition, specialists
led ice floe in a good ecological condition and was taken with her
disposed of waste accumulated during the expedition.

August 16, icebreaker with expedition members arrived in Murmansk. The commander for the evacuation Sergey Orlov has reported to the Minister of nature Sergey Donskoy, the presidential envoy for the Arctic, Artur Chilingarov and the Governor of the Murmansk region Marina Kovtun, that “the members of the expedition, including two dogs”, delivered to Murmansk in full force.

“Our task is to make the scientific data and the research that
were held, that they were processed and in the autumn we received new
information about the Arctic,” said don.

According to the Agency, over the past four months
scientists-explorers conducted a series of unique research and also
tracked the state of the environment in high-latitude regions of the Arctic.

Program Arctic drifting stations was started in 1937 and
suspended in the summer of 2013 after the evacuation of the station “North pole –
40″ due to adverse ice conditions caused by abnormal
the development of natural processes in the Arctic basin.

The government has allocated more than 205 million rubles for the resumption of national field research in the Arctic.

Explorers and dogs with the drifting station “North pole-2015″ back to Murmansk 16.08.2015

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