The Pro-presidential faction of the Ukrainian Parliament “Block Poroshenko” refuses to consider the issue about resignation of the Minister of economic development and trade of Aivaras Abromavicius.

“We will not consider the resignation of Abromavicius to the consideration of the resignation of the entire Cabinet of Ministers”, – said the head of the faction Yuriy Lutsenko. He called the decision Abromavicius “bad signal” to Ukraine for reforms, reports TASS.

Himself Abromavicius did not attend the meeting of the faction of the PPO on the morning of 4 January. According to the Deputy head of this faction Ihor Kononenko, who Abromavicius called one of those responsible for his resignation, the Minister misses a meeting due to illness.

In turn, the leader of the Radical party of Ukraine, MP Oleh Lyashko has called Kononenko to lay down his parliamentary mandate. “Igor, – Lyashko appealed to Kononenko from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada, – you are a business partner of President Poroshenko, you have been accused of corruption: fold the parliamentary mandate and give the opportunity to investigate those allegations that you put forward, not hide behind his parliamentary immunity”.

On the eve of Poroshenko after meeting with Abromavicius said that he should remain at his post and the Minister thinks about this proposal. According to Ukrainian legislation, the final decision about the resignation of Ministers adopts the Parliament.

Poroshenko convened the concerned ambassadors of the G7 countries

Poroshenko February 4, invited the ambassadors of the countries “big seven” to explain the fate of the government and reforms in Ukraine, said the head of the EU delegation in the country, Jan Tombinsky.

“What is most important for us is to keep all these reforms that have already been developed, and to consolidate this reform path. We are waiting for the answer for this all information from the Prime Minister and the President”, – quotes its Agency UNIAN.

The US is counting on the continuation of reforms in Ukraine in case of resignation of Abromavicius

At the same time, the U.S. state Department expressed hope for the continuation of reforms in Ukraine and in case of resignation Abromavicius, reports “Voice of America”.

“It is important to note that he has carried out important reforms for Ukraine, said state Department spokesman John Kirby. He and his team were successful in implementing difficult but necessary reforms aimed at stabilizing the economy, eradication of corruption and the compliance of Ukraine with the requirements of the IMF programme. We hope that after his resignation, these efforts will continue”.

Also, the American diplomat has told, under what conditions Ukraine can count on U.S. support. “It is important that Ukrainian leaders overcame the odds, put behind their personal interests that have plagued the country for decades, and continued these reforms. Only
by doing this, they can count on the continued support of the United States” – said Kirby.

Abromavicius resigned on 3 February, accusing the Pro-presidential party would block the reforms and appointing “their people” to positions in state-owned companies. “I and my team have no desire to be a cover for outright corruption or controlled by puppets for those who want the style of the old regime to establish control over public money. I don’t want to go to Davos to tell them about our successes, while behind us are settled questions in the interests of individual persons”, – said the head of MEDT.

One of those people he named Kononenko. After that, the National anti-corruption Bureau opened against Kononenko and several other deputies criminal proceedings under the article “abuse of power”.

Ukrainian press calls Kononenko “grey Eminence” and one of the most influential politicians in the country. Mass media wrote earlier that it binds a 30-year friendship with Poroshenko.

After the statement of Abromavicius ambassadors of key EU countries, USA and Canada stated that disappointed with this decision, calling on Ukrainian leaders to cast aside “petty differences” and forever left in the past “vested interests that have impeded the development of the country for decades”.

Faction of Poroshenko refuses to consider the resignation of economy Minister Abromavicius to the resignation of the entire government 04.02.2016

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