Investigators are examining a notebook who died on the Dyatlov pass tourist. “Perhaps they will help the investigation and will shed light on the recent events of his life”, – has informed journalists the assistant to the head of investigatory management SK on Sverdlovsk area Alexander Shulga. According to him, when a lost camera was found. Meanwhile, relatives of the deceased told reporters, as he became a hermit and went to the mountains, leaving a family.

Body of tourist found dead the evening of January 14 was taken to the city of Ivdel. The exact cause and time of death of the tourist will install the forensic medical examination. The Perm group of tourists found the body were already interviewed in the UK, conducted preliminary examination. The names of the deceased in the office is not named, but journalists have found that it is Oleg Borodin.

If the deceased were also found frozen foods and alcohol, and on the memory cards of the camera was almost 10 thousand photos taken in different seasons and in different points of the Ural mountains, according to the portal “Novosibirsk news”. Also in the press appeared information that the tourist has long lived in the area of the Dyatlov pass alone.

Native Borodin told how he became a hermit after the disintegration of the sect and the refusal of sex

According to LifeNews, Oleg Borodin settled on the Dyatlov pass about two years ago, lived a hermit’s life, and the very few inhabitants of the surrounding camps have called him a Cannibal, although where did that nickname, no one couldn’t explain. According to local residents, Borodin himself told me that he left Chelyabinsk and settled in the mountains because he was tired of living with a family where “the wife has a life, but the children are already adults”.

In turn, his ex-wife, 45-year-old Olga Shemetova from Chelyabinsk told reporters that for a long time they lived a happy family until one day her husband announced to her that he is going to live out of town on nature. According to her, the first Borodin suddenly announced that no longer will eat meat. Then he told his wife that he’s not allowed to sleep with women. And then he announced that “he had to go away to live on earth, to create kin’s domains, and there need no contact with women was not and do not have meat”.

According to 45-year-old resident of Chelyabinsk, before this sudden change, her husband kept their own car service and he was a sensible electrician, a specialist in Japanese cars.

After leaving the family become a hermit a man occasionally visited their home, talked little about himself and never asked for anything. Last time with my son, who has grown up without him, Borodin met in 2013, after which relatives for a long time not heard from the head of the family and even declared it in Federal search. However, later in the same year, Borodin appeared, saying that dwelt in solitude near the infamous mountain pass.

At the same time, his son Vyacheslav has told, that in 1996 his father “went mad” and he joined a cult “Radomir”, which tried to entice their mother, but to no avail. After that his parents divorced and his mother began to live separately, while the sectarians found an abandoned potato field, mowed the grass, built a house and lived there, eating only vegetable products grown on the site. But once the sect broke up, and it was a blow to Oleg Borodin, he began to hitchhike across Russia, and then became a hermit in the mountains and told a sibling of the deceased.

Perm tourists found the body of Borodin in a hunting hut where we planned to spend the night during your hike. According to them, this small house they said the herders, assuring that there long time no one lives. In the cabin were bunk, and on them erected a tent.

“We looked into it and saw the man who was wrapped in all the warm clothes he could find, – has told one of the participants of the group. He tried to keep warm as he could, and the stove stoked, because it was charred. There still remained, what to fire, but for some reason he did not become”.

Family of the deceased on the pass Dyatlov told how he became a hermit after the disintegration of the sect and the refusal of sex 15.01.2016

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