Hacker group Fancy Bears released another batch of confidential documents, according to which more than 200 American athletes are allowed to take prohibited substances.

In 2015 U.S. athletes received 583 permission to take prohibited substances for therapeutic purposes (TUE). Many athletes are allowed to use more than one substance.

This follows from the hackers published private correspondence sports U.S. officials, including the head of the scientific anti-Doping Agency of the USA (USADA), Dr. Matthew Fedoruk.

Most of all Wed in 2015 have been issued to Americans in Cycling (102), athletics (68), triathlon (58) and swimming (42). In addition, the therapeutic solution for the doping were several members of the Paralympic team USA.

Earlier, the head of USADA Travis Tygart stated that prohibited drugs at therapeutic solutions took less than three percent of the star-spangled Olympians in Rio de Janeiro. Namely 15 of 558 athletes of team USA.

According to Fancy Bears, Dr. Fedoruk covers up doping of American athletes under the guise of sports nutrition. Hackers is a letter, which reported on the increased testosterone level swimmer pace, Clark. And instead of disqualifying him, USADA requests a review of the result to the thresholds of testosterone has become the norm.

USADA also studied the possibility of using hemp protein for athletes from the NHL, NFL and athletes that are preparing for the Olympic games. This substance is used mainly representatives of bodybuilding.

Group Fancy Bears breaking into the database of anti-doping systems of WADA parts publishes documents showing that many titled athletes took banned substances for therapeutic purposes. The hackers have posted six lists, which include 127 athletes from different countries.

Fancy Bears: U.S. athletes take performance enhancing drugs under the guise of sports nutrition 07.10.2016

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