Architects and artists, intending to give a tribute to Joseph Brodsky, has abandoned the idea of creating a monument to the poet in his native St. Petersburg. None of the government-proposed locations for the memorial have not arranged representatives of the initiative group.

“Currently, out of the question to erect a monument to Brodsky in St. Petersburg, is not,” – confirmed in comments to TASS, the art historian, Deputy Chairman of the Council for cultural heritage preservation at the government of Petersburg Mikhail year-old boy.

According to him, last discussed location of the proposed installation of the monument was the firewall home wall Marusi, in which was situated the apartment of the poet’s family. However, in this case, the monument would have to do is not large and in the form of a panel. The very location of the wall would make him invisible.

“This idea is not promoted in any way, this is an absurd thing. So absurd that our Foundation in my face refused to take any part. I will not motivate why. If you remember, what kind of firewall, and motivation is not necessary – and all so clear, it is not a monument,” says year-old boy, who also heads the St. Petersburg regional public Fund the creation of the Museum of Joseph Brodsky.

The proposal to place a monument to Brodsky in the village of Komarovo, where in the twentieth century, housed the literary garden, the initiators of the memorial considered to be “ridiculous” and “absurd”.

Recall the question of the installation in Saint-Petersburg of a monument to Joseph Brodsky has been discussed for several years. To open it was planned for the 75th anniversary from the birthday of the poet in may 2015.

May 24, 2016 Joseph Brodsky, one of the greatest Russian poets, a Nobel laureate for literature in 1987 would have turned 76 years old. The poet was born on 24 may 1940 in Leningrad, in the Soviet Union was accused of parasitism and exiled to Arkhangelsk oblast. There in the village of Norinskaya in 2013, the Museum of Brodsky. Apartment Museum Brodsky in St. Petersburg in honor of the anniversary has opened its doors for one day – there goes the repair. 4 June 1972 and deprived of his Soviet citizenship, the poet emigrated to the United States. His parents were not allowed to come to her son, and he himself was forbidden to even return to their funerals. Sam Brodsky died on 28 January 1996 in new York.

Fans of Brodsky failed to negotiate with the government of St. Petersburg about the installation of the monument to the poet 07.10.2016

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