Fans of the legendary Saga “Star wars” located on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, faithfully to wait for the premiere of the seventh episode of the film. According to The New York Times, more than 100 people camped near the Chinese theatre. In this theater, designed for 1162 place, night 17 December premiere of “Star wars: the force Awakening”.

Analysts predict that in the first weekend the film could break the record attendance. Earlier it was reported that the U.S. has already sold tickets worth more than $ 50 million. Although no problems with the availability of tickets on a session-no, the fans are faithful to tradition and are determined to stand by the camp up to the premiere.

As noted by the NYT, in 2005, in anticipation of the movie “Star wars. Episode III: revenge of the Sith”, fans situated at the Chinese theater for six weeks before the premiere.

Recall that the cinemas in the US are preparing for the invasion of fans of “Star wars” and have warned fans of the space Saga that the audience for security reasons will be forbidden to bring to the shows seventh episode accessories related to the plot of the film: blasters, lightsabers and other prop guns. The auditorium also will not let people in themed hats, masks, inscriptions and drawings on the face, dedicated to “Star wars”.

Before it became known that fans of “Star wars” will test the endurance of the American cinema chain Alamo Drafthouse. According to the publication Entertainment Weekly, who want to win should as much as possible to survive without sleep during a continuous screening of episodes of the epic. In the competition can participate legal age residents of 13 U.S. States, which has cinemas network.

The competition for resistance will begin on the morning of 17 December in the cinema in South Lamar in Austin (Texas). First, the participants will show old episodes of the Saga, and on 18 December the program will be added and this film. According to the contest while watching forbidden to talk, use the telephone and to use stimulants to Wake up. The winner will receive a seven-year pass to all films Alamo Drafthouse, a set of posters and personal seat in one of the halls.

The film produced by American Director J. J. Abrams, will be released in wide release in the U.S. and Canada on December 18. The Russians will be able to see the movie since 25 of December.

Fans of “Star wars” started the watch in Los Angeles in anticipation of the premiere of the seventh episode 09.12.2015

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