Yakut Star wars fans decided to translate the films of the famous franchise into the native language and intend to negotiate with the Disney Studio for permission to transfer and diffusion of new versions of movies.

“Initially it was the work on the enthusiasm, just for myself, but then when we started working on the trailer, I realized that this work is something more than just Amateur translation and popularization of the Yakut language”, – told “Interfax” , the project coordinator George Antipin.

Allegedly, the idea found support, and the team of actors voicing the main characters for five people. Is the selection of votes on a minor role.

“This is not a commercial project and we do not plan as-or to make money on it. We work on the enthusiasm and support of people who are waiting for result”, – said Antipin.

It is assumed that translation is an art, but anyone who knows the Yakut language, will be able to understand what was going on. The iconic phrase “May the Force be with you” (“let the Force be with you”) on the Yakut translated literally – “Kuus aigin kytary bouillon”.

Now engaged in the translation of the fourth episode. We plan to finish by mid-December, perhaps the project was timed to the release of the film “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”. On the question of copyright began to think recently. Depending on their (Disney), and the response will plan their further actions”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

Yakut trailer for the fourth episode of the star Saga in YouTube for a week looked about three thousand times. In the comments the YouTube users want enthusiasts good luck and suggest the most suitable Yakut expressions for key moments.

Fans of “Star wars” translate kinosage on the Yakut language (VIDEO) 27.09.2016

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