Meat farms of the supplier of a major Russian retail chains found the virus of African swine fever: the Rosselkhoznadzor on its website reported on the audit Glavmyasprom, OOO in Voronezh region. The company on its website reportsthat sells its meat and semi-finished products, including large chain stores: “Metro”, “Crossroads”, “real”, etc.

In this inspection, the Rosselkhoznadzor conducted not in the Voronezh region, and in the suburbs, that is, infected meat has already been taken from farms. On the Agency’s website States: “Genetic material of virus Achs is revealed by the laboratory in samples from the pork halves in the Serpukhov district of Moscow region, developed Glavmyasprom, OOO borisoglebskii district of Voronezh region”.

“Pork withdrawn from circulation and destroyed, the complex of anti-epizootic measures,” adds the Agency.

“Rosbalt” with reference to the Voronezh region government informs that on the territory of Glavmyasprom, OOO and Borisoglebsk district imposed quarantine on Achs. It will last until the end of December. For a period of quarantine prohibited the visit of ASF outbreaks by unauthorized persons, the export and import of animals, slaughter of animals, trade animals, slaughter products, livestock products or fodder.

Glavmyasprom, OOO was founded in 2006 and manufactures a wide range of products (over 50 items) of beef and pork. The products are supplied to trade network “Auchan”, “Line”, “Metro”, “Crossroads”, “real”, as well as in the fast food chain “Russian appetite”.

In the summer of breeders at the meeting Putin warned the Presidentthat in the current year the situation with ASF “close to worst 2013″ and even asked to destroy the herd of boars – carriers of the plague.

African swine fever

African swine fever – a particularly dangerous, is highly contagious viral disease that affects wild and domestic pigs of all breeds and ages at any time of the year. ASF is not dangerous to humans, but causes great losses in the agricultural sector. Pigs become infected by contact with sick animals and in most cases die.

To eat meat of sick pigs safe, since during heat treatment the virus is killed at 70 degrees Celsius. The main danger is the spread of the disease in the vast territory, which in this case will face almost complete loss of pig population.

The only way of combating infection is to destroy infected animals.

Starting in 2016, outbreaks of ASF were registered in Kursk, Orel, Lipetsk regions and in the beginning of July the plague was found on the territory of the Voronezh region.

Farm supplier of Auchan and Perekrestok found the virus of African swine fever 30.10.2016

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