The Federal Antimonopoly service of Russia (FAS) suspected suppliers of system units for the regional fragments of the state automated system (GUS) “Election” in the conclusion of anti-competitive agreements and cartel agreements and on November 21 opened a case against them after the inspection, reported on the website of the Ministry. The damages from collusion in the Central election Commission (CEC) estimated that more than 100 million rubles.

Proceedings are initiated on signs of violation of clause 2 part 1 article 11 of the law on protection of competition (increase, decrease or maintenance of prices at auction) in respect of suppliers of computer equipment – LLC “Business computers group”, LLC “AMI-NETVORK, ZAO CROC incorporated”, “Superveyv Group”, ZAO “kraftvey Corporation PLC”, LLC “Production company “Aquarius”.

Companies suspected of anticompetitive agreements when participating in e-auction for the supply of system units for complexes of automation facilities of gas “Vybory”, organized by the Federal Informatization center of the CEC.

During the auction, according to FAS, of the six companies that participated in the auction, your price offer was put forward only two companies: “Business computers group” and “Superveyv Group”, which has lowered the maximum price of the contract at 1%. “Kraftvey Corporation PLC”, and “Aquarius” refused to offer their prices.

The head of Department FAS on struggle against cartels Andrey Tenishev noted that by the conclusion of the agreement, aimed at maintaining the price of the contract, employees cited “analysis of e-mails received in the course of unscheduled inspections of organizations, as well as other documents and information”. “Special attention of Antimonopoly Department have caused the failure of domestic producers from competition, despite the fact that they could count on the preferences of the customer,” he said.

According to the Deputy head of FAS Russia Andrey Tsarikovsky, the case – “first instituted in the investigation of a cartel in auctions for the supply of equipment for state needs, which operates in Russia for several years.” He added that in the near future can trigger a new antitrust cases against other participants in a potential cartel.

The damages from collusion in the CEC has estimated more than in 100 million roubles

“Under the terms of the auction here for the state could be saving at least 15%. Under the terms of the purchase 15% is over a hundred million rubles”, – said the Deputy Chairman of the CEC Nikolai Bulaev Wednesday, November 23, after the meeting of the Commission.

He said, reports TASS that the initiative of carrying out checks on the facts of possible cartel agreement came from the Federal Informatization center of the CEC of Russia.

Last week FAS announced the launch of check the Lenovo and HP on suspicion in participation in major cartel and on suspicion of 10 companies.

According to the source Agency video News Service, the center sent seven requests for pricing information on this procurement for calculating the maximum contract price determined the price level 652,37 million.

Total for participation in the auction received nine nominations, of which six were admitted. Three participants suggested system unit HP ProDesk 490 G3, “kraftvey” – Kraftway Credo KC 53, Aquarius – Aquarius Elt E50 S89, “Superveyv Groups” – Lenovo ThinkCenter M93.

As a result, the auction was attended by only two companies: “Business computers group”, who offered the HP unit, and “Superveyv Groups” with the Lenovo unit. Auction winner – “Business computers group” – the bid is 1% below the maximum.

Market experts do not see the benefits: “All supplies for government agencies are losing”

FCI believes that if the auction was attended by the company that offered the unit of Russian production, the purchaser would have grounds to claim a reduction in price 15% under the order of Ministry of economic development on the conditions of admission of foreign companies to public procurement.

On this basis it was concluded that the contenders for the purchase are concluded an agreement, which led to the fact that some, including Russian manufacturers, refused to participate in the auction, although he was to him allowed.

Market experts interviewed by video News Service, do not consider the incident a conspiracy. THEIR analyst “Finam” Leonid Delitsyn pointed out that the price of computer equipment in recent years has decreased and with the price of the contract the benefits of collusion by potential bidders is not obvious.

“In that case, if all the bidders rejected in favor of one, as I understand it, and the computers were sold to the state on a conditional five dollars more expensive, it is not clear what is the benefit of all participants”, – said the expert.

The situation is considered a conspiracy is impossible, says leading analyst Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin. “All shipments for government agencies at a loss. There is a dollar they have 40 rubles – this is not the market price. In these tenders, companies compete for volume and market share. Supply for government agencies are subsidized by the manufacturers themselves,” said Murtazin.

Gas “Vybory” system is intended for automation of electoral activities, including planning, preparation of elections, voter registration, enter the information about candidates, voting procedures, tabulation and processing of results.

FAS initiated a case on cartel collusion of suppliers system units for CEC 24.11.2016

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