Father, “arrow of Las Vegas” Stephen Paddock, staged the bloodiest massacre in U.S. history, shot from the window of the hotel visitors of the music festival was listed in the list of most dangerous American criminals according to the FBI. On it informs TV channel CNN , citing the information to local law enforcement and the words of the brother of the offender.

Benjamin Hoskins Paddock was in the list of the most dangerous criminal elements from June 10, 1969 may 5, 1977. In the description of intelligence stated that he is a “psychopath”, has “suicidal tendencies” and “participated in the robbery with a firearm on the banks.”

Benjamin Paddock was included in the FBI list after he escaped from a Federal prison in Texas in 1960. Previously, he was sentenced to 20 years in prison for Bank robbery. Father, “arrow of Las Vegas” was listed in the crime reports under different names, including Bruce Eriksen.

2 Oct the brother of the shooter Eric Paddock on the doorstep of his home in Orlando (Florida) told reporters that he was born when his father was hiding from law enforcement. “I didn’t know him. We didn’t know him. He was never with our mother,” he said.

According to him, he’s still five days ago called up my brother. While Eric Paddock insists that his brother did not have to do with any religious or political organizations.

Law enforcement officers in the United States has already refuted the information about the involvement of “an arrow from Las Vegas” to terrorist groups. Earlier media wrote that the responsibility for what happened in Nevada took on the militants of the “Islamic state”*.

In particular that IG* has claimed responsibility for the bloody shooting in Las Vegas, said the organization SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors terrorist activity on social networks.

Trump held a minute of silence in memory of those killed in Las Vegas

In Washington, the President of the United States Donald trump and first lady Melania trump at 14:45 (21:45 MSK) observed a minute of silence in memory of those killed in a shooting in Las Vegas. The funeral ceremony was held on the South lawn of the White house.

In front of the official residence of the head of the American state also gathered a few dozen of employees of the White house and was put up a guard of honor.

None of the participants in the ceremony, which lasted a few minutes, did not say speeches, the first couple States have their heads bowed after three times hit the bell, said TASS.

Late in the evening of 1 October (2 October in the morning Moscow time) during a performance of the famous American artist country music Jason Aldine on the outdoor stage next to one of the entertainment complexes, the attacker started shooting indiscriminately. The tragedy happened during the festival Route 91 Harvest.

According to preliminary data, the offender personally brought the weapons on-site. It was reported that shortly before he started shooting, his room came one of the employees of the hotel, but didn’t see anything suspicious.

Shooter 64-year-old Steven Paddock – he committed suicide. His body was found in a hotel room with a balcony which, according to preliminary data, was fired from automatic weapons.

*Islamic state (ISIS, ISIL, DAISH) is a terrorist group banned in Russia.

Father, “arrow of Las Vegas” was on the list of most dangerous criminals FBI 03.10.2017

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