The oppositionist Leonid Volkov and lawyers of the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK)
he appealed to the court against the head of the Open government Mikhail
Abyzov, not considered in time – within two months – the petition
the abolition of the “Spring package”, which brought together
On 14 August, more than 100 thousand votes.

“We filed an administrative claim in Presnensky court
which is required to declare unlawful the inaction of the defendants,
expressed in the not prepared for an expert opinion in a timely
the timing and decision on the development of an appropriate normative act,”
told “Interfax”
the lawyer of FBK Ivan Zhdanov.

The lawsuit claimed Abyzov and experts of the working group.
The applicants were made by wolves, Zhdanov and his colleague Vyacheslav Gamadin,
said the lawyer. The reason for the appeal to the court of the claimed discard on
the website of the Russian public initiative petition for the repeal of the amendments of
“Spring package”.

The head of the Society for the protection of the Internet Leonid Volkov on his website reminded
that exactly two months ago, the petition has collected 100 thousand signatures and
the law was considered by the expert group, Open to all
government. 14 Oct expired two-month term, stated
Wolves, however, consideration has not been.

“Not that we had high hopes for this petition, but it was interesting
to see what the reaction to it when required by law
her formal consideration”, – said Volkov and noted that Vladimir
Putin before the election and after the December 2011 protests “promised
all this electronic democracy” that the petition garnered more than 100
thousand votes, will be considered. “But Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin
lied again”, – concluded Leonid Volkov.

FBK intends through court to declare the inaction of the head of the Open
government Abyzov: “inactivity of officials violated the rights of
all 100 thousand signers of the petition, including my Yes, it is possible
to call a tactic of a thousand pin pricks, then so be it. But we promised
not to weaken the pressure on the “Spring package” and will not”, – has explained wolves.

In an Open government explained the delay in updating the working group

In a press-service Open government, “Interfax” stated that
the petition was not addressed in time due to changes in the composition of the state Duma.
“The reason for the delay consideration of the petition was the fact that the composition
the expert working group of the Federal level should be
updated as per the working group were a number of
MPs, whose mandate expired in connection with past elections,” – said
in a press-service.

They added that the Minister for Open government Mikhail
Abyzov has already sent the Duma a letter with a request
to submit nominations to the working group from among deputies
the new convocation. The next meeting of the expert group in its new composition planned for the first half of November 2016.

Later, the Minister Abyzov commented on the claim, advising the lawyers of FBK not to waste time on “non-constructive complaints”. On the website of the Open government on 6 October there was a message that updates the composition of the working group, he said. In this regard, postponed a meeting to consider the petition within two months.

“I would like to recommend colleagues from FBK to closely monitor the posts on this subject in order not to waste time and resources on non-constructive claims,” said Abyzov, “Interfax”.

He noted that the Open government appreciate the attention that “colleagues from FBK” is given to the work of the authorities with civil initiatives. “This is the right direction for working together,” he said.

The petition was published
in early July, after Russian President Vladimir Putin signed
anti-terrorism package of laws adopted on the initiative of the Deputy
The state Duma Irina Yarovaya and Senator Viktor Ozerov. It contained
the requirement to cancel the law, which “can lead to bankruptcy
many Internet companies, and reduce revenue to the state derived from
them taxes” and generally “contrary to the Constitution of the Russian Federation and
absolutely useless from a technical point of view.”

“The package of Spring”, signed
July 7, obliges the operators from 1 July 2018 up to six months to keep
all client traffic, including call recording. Thus data on
the transmission of information need to be stored for
three years. The cost of operators on the performance of these requirements can
to reach
10 trillion rubles.

The consideration of the petition to Open the government does not guarantee the cancellation
of the law. In 2013, the required number of votes scored the petition for
the abolition of the “anti-piracy”
to block Internet resources, but
the Federal expert group considered that the repeal or amendment of the law
would not be appropriate. In may 2014, a proposal to repeal
spetssignalov officials, which was signed by more than 100 thousand
the Russians, also was rejected
Open government.

FBC filed a lawsuit against Open government, not considered in the term of a petition against the “Spring package” 14.10.2016

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