The head of the Federal scientific and methodological center for the prevention
and AIDS (Federal AIDS center), Vadim Pokrovsky on
press conference “the Situation of HIV/AIDS in Russia” on Tuesday, 29
Nov, said that for HIV it is necessary to examine all
Russians due to the fact that this infection has become the most dangerous and deadly in our country, reports RIA
The “news”

As stated by the expert, on September 30, 2016 in Russia recorded
more than a million infected with HIV. “To say that no
the epidemic is somehow very modestly describe the situation.
HIV infection has become the most dangerous infection in Russia, the most
deadly, and caused a very large number of deaths, which we
could have avoided,” said Basil.

He said that in 15 regions of Russia, there is a generalized
the HIV epidemic, which occurs when more than 1% of the population
living in a certain area, are infected with the virus
of immunodeficiency. This indicator is the percentage of infection
pregnant women.

“We are in the stage of transition from concentrated to
generalized epidemic. In 15 regions of our country more than 1%
pregnant women infected with HIV. It’s somewhere from 1.5 to 2%. In these
regions the initial stage of generalization” – quoted Pokrovsky “Interfax”.

There is also a concentrated epidemic, which occurs in the
or another vulnerable group,
among drug addicts, homosexuals and sex workers: “If more than 5% of representatives of one or another vulnerable group infected with the virus
immunodeficiency, then we can talk about the stage of concentrated epidemic.
Currently, more than 20% of drug users infected with HIV, more
10% – men who have sex with men also have HIV. This
way concentrated, we observed two vulnerable
populations,” explained Basil.

According to him, this situation has developed in Russia in 90-e years,
when the influence of the state was weak, people were looking for any ways
earn one of the easy choices was the drug trade. ”
Soviet times, addicts have been tens of thousands, by the end of 90-ies
there were already millions. A significant portion of them have used the drug
intravenously, and in 2001 it was 87 thousand cases
HIV infection, 90% of them among drug users,” said

He said that no special measures in this regard have been taken.
By 2003, the number of new cases amounted to 35 thousand
identified in the year. “In 2003 we started to keep track of all
HIV-infected each year their number grew by 10%. For the past year
the number of new cases reached 100 thousand a year. And, if you count
270 cases per day. So, to say that we have no epidemic, it’s
very modest,” – said the head of the Federal AIDS centre.

In Russia there are no programs to prevent HIV among drug users and prostitutes

At the moment, half of those infected are drug addicts. At
different data, in Russia about two million people, with their
it is very difficult to identify and to examine how and make

“Same – sex workers, which is nowhere recorded in
respect of which it is very difficult to legally prove that they do
prostitution. The interior Ministry says about a million people, non-governmental
organizations put the number up to three million. The problem is very large,
and no HIV prevention programmes among drug users nor, nor among
the sex workers we have. And these programs should exist,”
said Basil.

In Europe, particularly in France, only 1% of new cases
HIV infection associated with drug use in Germany
6-8%. According to Pokrovsky, Russia is the only country where
cases of infection through drug use account for more than 50%.
“Other countries have learned to combat the spread of HIV in this
population. They realized that to cure drug addicts is more difficult than
to prevent their HIV infection, and take comprehensive measures – so
called harm reduction,” – said Basil.

For example, addicts are taught how to use net tools
to treat the injection sites in
many countries there is a replacement therapy. “We have a bet
if this is a good way to cure addiction
but it is obvious that this method was useful for the prevention of HIV
like a drug taken by mouth, and significantly reduced
the number of cases of HIV transmission”, – said the head of the AIDS centre.

For sex workers in different countries of the world also exist
special programs, they are taught how to use condoms. “I even
saw Taskforce in Australia – a collective of prostitutes
involved in protecting rights and preventing the spread of
sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV. We have very little
almost clandestinely valid, although this issue remains very
serious,” said Basil.

The third group that needs special programs is “men
who have sex with men.” “In Germany, 75% of new cases
associated with HIV infection occur in this group, though
at a high enough percentage of them are well educated and pretty
wealthy people,” said Basil.

Several countries, including France and Norway, agreed
to provide funds for antiviral drugs, which as
prevention of HIV infection will be given risk group, in particular
to homosexuals, that they at sex was not afraid of becoming infected.

“It’s all discutable, as all this costs money. In England
in Parliament one of the MPs expressed doubt that
it is a good idea to pay 3.5 billion pounds to homosexuals
did not use condoms. And there’s debate still
continues,” Pokrovsky said, adding that in Russia this
the question was not even considered, as there is not enough money even for
treatment are already infected. The idea is to give budget money to gay
HIV prevention, according to Pokrovsky, “can not go on
the political line, but we have many of the men who have to do it for
their money.”

The expert told about the suspicious infections in children medical

On September 30, 2016, the country recorded more than a million
HIV – 1 870 339 people, including 75 962 new
the event this year. This is an increase of 1.9% compared to
the same period last year, quoted at the beginning of November , “Russian
the newspaper”
the comment of the head of Rospotrebnadzor and chief
sanitary doctor of Russia Anna Popova.

A high prevalence was 28 the largest and most
economically successful regions, where 44.6% of the population.
The most unfavorable situation is still in the Kemerovo
Sverdlovsk, Irkutsk, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen, Tomsk,
Novosibirsk, Samara, Orenburg, Omsk, Kurgan regions,
Krasnoyarsk, Perm, Altai regions and the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous

Among the first cases of HIV 50.9 per cent were infected through
drug use using non-sterile instruments
47,1 – in heterosexual relationships, 1.5% – for
homosexual, 0.6% of children infected from their mothers during
pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.

Pokrovsky told about suspected cases of HIV infection
children from-for wrong actions of medical staff. “To
unfortunately, we have started to appear again cases of suspicious
of infection in hospitals. When children are in the same room
one infected, the other uninfected. Uninfected child
after some time, too, becomes infected. It is clear that from
his mother, he could not catch. So there was some disturbance in
the work of the medical worker”, – concluded the intercession (quoted by
RIA “Novosti”).

The state Duma will propose to increase the budget for HIV treatment

Despite the difficult epidemiological situation, the Ministry of
of health of the Russian Federation due to lack of funds not
free testing for HIV in the program
clinical examination of the adult population in 2017, as assumed in
the state Duma Committee on health protection.

“In the State Duma the following reading will be of the proposal
to increase the budget for treatment of HIV infection,” said Vadim
Pokrovsky. He noted that in 2016, the funding was saved
at the level of 2015, was tasked to reduce the cost of treatment
for each HIV-positive, reports “Interfax”.

Pokrovsky said that to increase the effectiveness of treatment
the Russians, it is desirable to use more expensive drugs. Expert
noted that in Europe, infected drinking one pill a day
whereas the Russians – more than 10. According to him, with proper treatment
people with HIV infection can live to the average age of mortality.

In Russia there passes the action “the Stop HIV/AIDS”, designed to convey to each
correct and complete information on the disease. Its main purpose –
drawing attention to the problem of the spread of the disease in
the youth and raise the awareness of pupils, students and
their parents. During the campaign, which runs until December 4 at all
the country will undergo anonymous HIV testing and education

Specialist on infectious diseases, Ministry of health Irina Shestakova
said that in 14 regions of the HIV rate in more than
twice the average for the country. The most acute
the situation in 26 regions where carriers of the disease are
more than 0.5% of the population.

First Deputy head of the health Department of Ekaterinburg
Tatiana Savinova said,
the first place among Russian regions in terms of the spread
HIV is Sverdlovsk region: in the first nine months of the year 2016 it
is of 118.2 per 100 thousand population.

Federal AIDS centre proposed to examine HIV all Russians 29.11.2016

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